Narnia Photos – Behind-the Scenes

It was great to be part of the latest Narnia film, Chronicles of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, as one of the Dufflepuds

As for my part in it? Well, I’m heard quite a bit as a Cock-a-nee in the voice track. Then there’s a flash of me as the first Dufflepud revealed. I won’t say what ‘revealed’ means in case you haven’t yet seen the movie, but let’s just say, film critics around the world have stood up in cinemas and applauded my flashing. Hardened media hacks have been moved to tears by the depth and spectrum of emotion I bring to my character in that crucial split second. The word, ‘genius’ has been whispered in exalted circles

Now, I just found two Narnia sites that share the magic. One is a film clip of the Dufflepuds. I hope it’s official. If not, I’ll take it down straight away. Worry not, however. It’s not a spoiler, none of the overall plot of the film is revealed. Clip

Link 2 is from a make-up effects magazine. It shows Academy Award winners Howard Berger and Tami Lane and others from KNB EFX Los Angeles and Make Up Effects Group Sydney creating the Dufflepuds, Red Dwarves, the Faun, Satyrs and the Minotaur in the Narnia make-up van. Magazine Article. Interesting stuff which reveals some of the process of expert imagination and creation.


P.S. You haven’t seen Narnia yet? Here are the movie times when you can see Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader in Sydney

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