Phantom Dancer CD and Greg Poppleton Voiceovers

Hello Radio Loungers,

I’m nearing the end of rebuilding my website, home of Greg Poppleton and his Bakelite Dance Band – 1920s & 1930s Hot Jazz & Swing

Lots of new pics and film clips still to go up, but here are two newies I’d like to share with you

This first one is a slide show of mostly recent live band photos taken by professional photographers. Most are by the stunningly talented photogapher, Janine Kaye

The white background shots are by Robert Stow, Hornsby Arts, for a music mag shoot

The soundtrack to the clip is from the Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band album “The Phantom Dancer: 14 Swing Era Songs of 1926 – 1939 in Radio Review” available at CDBaby for US $9.99 (mp3) and US $12.97 (CD with 8-page glossy booklet of song facts and historic 1920s & 30s photos from my archives)

The second clip is a voice reel of commercial radio ads I’ve been doing for a major radio network. I hope you enjoy them. And that’s my current actor headshot in the mix. While I freelance as a voiceover, my film & TV agent is Woodburn-Sweitzer Management


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