Bakelite Broadcasters At 1920s ‘Great Gatsby’ Theme Party

Below is a clip hot off the movie editor’s desk from Avantgarde Events who hired Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Broadcasters to play at a corporate 1920s Great Gatsby party

Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Broadcasters are Sydney’s trio to 6-piece 1920s – 1930s swing jazz experience, featuring Sydney’s only authentic 1920s -30s singer with world-touring swing jazz musicians

You’ll find more information about Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Broadcasters, including video clips, photos, testimonials and a contact form for your enquiries and bookings at The Bakelite’s official website

Now, EXCITING NEWS, Greg Poppleton, has launched Sydney’s hottest, most authentic 11-piece 1920s Dance Orchestra – The Lounge Bar Lotharios

The Lounge Bar Lotharios feature Sydney’s only authentic 1920s-30s singer and Sydney’s Top Ten jazz musicians under the musical direction of ARIA nominated maestro, Geoff Power

You can easily book The Lounge Bar Lotharios at, too

Now, for the clip with Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Broadcasters at a massive Great Gatsby themed party…

Early in te clip you’ll spot Tony Esterman playing solo piano as guests enter in the foyer. In the chill lounge, under the chandeliers, you’ll see Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Broadcasters adding enormously to the 1920s theme, with myself conducting (when I wasn’t singing the songs of the 1920s & 1930s), Al Davey on trumpet (he also played trombone that night), Peter Locke piano, Darcy Wright double bass and Joel Davis on the big 1927 vintage drums and 1924 vintage temple blocks

These magnificent drums are unfortunately obscured in the film clip. So here’s a pic of how they looked, which I snapped on the night before the band started playing, just to show you…

To find out more and book Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Broadcasters for your 1920s – 1930s theme function, visit the Broadcasters’ website at official website

PS – And that’s where you can also enquire and book Sydney’s most exciting 11-piece authentic 1920s Dance Orchestra, The Lounge Bar Lotharios. Imagine a full sized 1920s Dance Orchestra, playing authentic Roaring 20s arrangements adding wow to your 1920s Gatsby event. Book now

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