CD Launch – ‘Doin’ The Charleston’ by Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters

Hello Bakeliters,

SUNDAY 28 OCTOBER – Greg Poppleton & the Bakelite Broadcasters launched their long-awaited new CD, Doin’ The Charleston at the Empire Cinema, Bowral

AND the CD is now available for you to hear and enjoy at Bandcamp and CDBaby.

WHEN you buy ‘Doin’ The Charleston’, you’re supporting independent music and we thank you

'Doin' The Charleston' NEW CD by Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters
‘Doin’ The Charleston’ NEW CD by Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters – Buy online at Bandcamp and CDBaby

ON ‘Doin’ The Charleston’ you’ll hear, Greg Poppleton (vocals), Paul Furniss (soprano, alto and tenor saxes, and clarinet), Al Davey (trumpet and trombone), Grahame Conlon (banjo), Geoff Power (sousaphone), Rod Herbert (sousaphone) and Lawrie Thompson (drums and washboard)

GREG POPPLETON & THE BAKELITE BROADCASTERS entertained at the CD Launch with an 80 minute barnstorming show of 1920s and 1930s jazz and swing, with songs from ‘Doin’ The Charleston‘ like ‘Road To Gundagai‘, ‘Falling In Love Again‘, and ‘Sweet Lorraine‘, followed by the screening a new digital print of the 1952 Gene Kelly classic, ‘Singin’ In The Rain‘ set at the turn of the silent movie era

Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters CD Launch 'Doin' The Charleston'
Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters CD Launch ‘Doin’ The Charleston’
Southern Highlands News Friday 26 October 2012
Southern Highlands News Friday 26 October 2012



WITH the same maverick spirit that produced ‘The Phantom Dancer’ (both the sold-out collectible CD and the award-winning, national radio show), ‘Doin’ The Charleston’, is the long-awaited second album from Greg Poppleton & The Bakelite Broadcasters

Recorded live-in-studio in just 5 hours, ‘Doin’ The Charleston’, is the first document of Greg Poppleton & The Bakelite Broadcasters as a purely 1920s 5-piece. There are more layers, more stylistic tangents than before, all coated in nth-dimensional, metaphysical, Jungian freakouts, with a DNA recovered from the very bones of smoking, catchy, 1920s pop

Whilst the undeniably authentic 1920s vocal style of Greg Poppleton is still at the forefront, there is an irrefutable pop sensibility creeping into the instrumentation of the new material that calls to mind the likes of C W Stoneking and Tuba Skinny

Greg Poppleton is very proud of the results, “For me, ‘Doin’ The Charleston’, is all about the songs, how they line up, intertwine, switch partners and promenade home”

Greg has expanded his 3.5 octave sonic palette with a long list of influences to forge his own sound. Heir to a tradition of finely-crafted, dramatic, confessional music that explores the ups and downs of life and love with a keenly-observed honesty that touches all who hear, Greg Poppleton is backed by what really is an all-star classic jazz band of world-touring musicians

Paul Furniss weaves shimmering, infectious, toe-tapping anthems using soprano, alto, tenor saxophones and clarinet. Al Davey wails, growls and caresses on trumpet and trombone. He brings together the brightest elements and darkest undertones in a unique blend of unshackled two-beat. Grahame Conlon’s banjo demands attention weaving audacious fat chords around the pulsing, minimalist sousaphone loops of Rod Herbert and ARIA nominee Geoff Power and the chemically infused drum beats and sharp-edged washboard laid down by Bell band legend, Lawrie Thompson

The quintet make lullabies, lush dreamy vintage pop, and the powerful, bone-rattling immediacy of hot, danceable jazz. Vocal hooks are inescapable, lush productions uncannily authentic to the Roaring 20s, as sophisticated and pristine as anything on a 78 disc. ‘Doin’ The Charleston’s’ 14 tracks (including a bonus alternate take on the soaring St James Infirmary) trace a unique aesthetic universe that is fully-crafted and fully-realised, deftly walking the lines between joyous exhilaration and otherworldly rapture, pleasure-centre pop and total self-possession

Greg Poppleton & The Bakelite Broadcasters’ is a universe that invites exploration and demands revisiting

‘Doin’ The Charleston’ is a journey from darkness to light, from anger to love, from chaos to order

The CD is available on Bandcamp and CDBaby

PLEASE also visit the Broadcasters’ website

Thank you

Greg Poppleton at Stage & Screen for the Doin' The Charleston CD Launch
Greg Poppleton at Stage & Screen for the Doin’ The Charleston CD Launch

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