Kings Cross Festival 24 Nov 2012 Music Line-Up

Here is the line-up of the 8 hour Concert Warren Fahey is producing for the Kings Cross Festival 2012. It is FREE and will be in Fitzroy Gardens, Kings Cross. You’d be nuts not to put this in your diary. Greg Poppleton & the Bakelite Broadcasters play songs from the 1920s from 1 – 1:30pm

In Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters will be Greg Poppleton (vocals and megaphone), Geoff Power (trumpet and sousaphone), Grahame Conlon (banjo), Ian Bloxsom (drums)

11am – 11.30 Margret RoadKnight & Marcus Holden
Songs about life, strife and the roll of the dice. Margret RoadKnight is one of Australia’s most respected singers of blues and contemporary song. Margret first performed in Kings Cross in the 1960s. She has appeared on over 25 albums. The NY Village Voice described her as “chameleon abilities – humorist, politico, blues-woman. rocker, folksinger” Accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Marcus Holden on fiddle, guitar and mandolin.

11.45 – 12.10 .Scott Sandwich & Emrys Quin’s Word Beat.
‘The Unnamed Italian Admiral’ and other performance poems. Off the air, radical, young and cheeky – this pair of wordsmiths break new ground in unravelling European history. Weird and wonderful.

12..20 – 12.50 The Beating Around The Cross Ukelele Band
Hail the Ukelele! The ukelele has a long history in Australia including being featured at the Tiki Room, Macleay Street in the 1960s (where the De Vere Hotel now stands). This loud-shirted ensemble makes it swing as it plunks.

1 – 1.30 Greg Poppleton & The Bakelite Broadcasters.
The moment the Bakelites play, you’ll instantly imagine yourself partying with your friends in the Great Gatsby Mansion, dancing the knees-up Charleston in a 1920s Speakeasy, sipping Gin Fizzes in the moonlight.

1.45- 2.15 The Larrikins. Warren Fahey, and his Larrikins perform bush songs and city ditties from Australia’s yesteryears plus some bush poems and yarns to stop the hens laying for a week!

Kings Cross Festival 2012
Kings Cross Festival 2012

2.30 – 3.00 Characters of the Cross presentation by Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Adrian Bartel, Potts point Partnership, recognising some of our favourite locals. Vito of Piccolo Bar, Graham Long, Animal the Bikie, and Ashia and Carlotta of Les Girls.

3. – 3.15 Carlotta – the living legend of Kings Cross
Performing her new single and talking about her extraordinary life which has never been a drag.

3.30- 4pm The Fabulous Jeff Duff
Singing the songs of David Bowie and Lou Reed better than they ever did! Flamboyant, eccentric and totally unique.

4.15 – 5.30 pm The Pigs
The Pigs play rip-snorting fill the air with music that could only be described as the ‘pig’s ear’ – hillbilly meets bluegrass meets comedy meets whatever. Great fun for porkers

6 – 7.00 Renee Geyer – Australia’s legendary Queen of Soul.
After 25 albums and countless awards and accolades we welcome one of Australia’s finest singers and her all-star band.


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