Helen Humes Sings With Count Basie. Phantom Dancer Tues 19 Aug 2014

Gosh, Phantom Dancers, will there be enough radio show time to fit in Shorty Rogers Giants from a 1950s Tonight Show? I’ve held it over from two weeks ago.


Certainly we’ll hear live swing and dance by Benny Goodman, Jimmy Joy and more. And commercial recordings by Australian singer/comedian Cyril Richards, who blazed a career in London theatre and Broadway; as well as Buenos Aires guitarist and friend of Django Reinhardt, Oscar Aleman.

John J Anthony will be back to dispense sound advice. He pulls it off well when you consider his background. This blog link, if true, makes an interesting read about the sanctimonious Mr A.

This week’s Phantom Dancer Video of the Week is an extraordinary performance of ‘I Cried For You’. It’s sung by Helen Humes with Count Basie at the piano with his small orchestra including Wardell Gray. Brilliant…

Play List – The Phantom Dancer
107.3 2SER-FM Sydney, Live Stream, Digital Radio
Community Radio Network Show CRN#118
2SER Tuesday 19 August 2014
12 noon – 2:00pm (+10 hours GMT)
Set 1
The Oldest Chorus Boy In London
Cyril Richard
Comm Rec
10 May 1940
I Love The Guy
Frankie Carle Orchestra (voc) Terri Srevens and Allen Sims
‘Saturday Dance Date’
Marine Dining Room
Edgewater Beach Hotel
WMAQ NBC Chicago
12 Aug 1950


Set 2
How High The Moon
Delta Rhythm Boys
‘Guest Star’
Radio Transcription
New York
24 Apr 1949
How High The Moon
Ray Pearl Orchestra (voc) Walter Bloom
‘Sunset Music’
Casino Gardens
Ocean Park Ca
KHJ Mutual LA
3 Apr 1940
Woody Woodpecker
Sherman Hayes Orchestra (voc) Sherman Hayes and Henry Gill
Martinique Restaurant
WGN Mutual Chicago
Apr 1947
Set 3
Russian Impressions Part 1
Adolf Stiemel Orchestra
Comm Rec
9 Dec 1939
The Glory Of Love
Harry Richman
‘Dodge Show’
New York
13 Feb 1936
Pork Chops and Gravy
Chamber Music Society Of Lower Basin Street’
18 Aug 1941
Set 4
Open + Blue Skies
Jimmy Joy Orchestra
‘Spotlight Bands’
Hartigan Tx
Blue Network
6 Jan 1945
Benny Goodman Orchestra
Joseph Urban Room
Congress Hotel
WMAQ NBC Red Chicago
20 Jan 1936
Louis Prima Orchestra
‘One Night Stand’
Meadowbrook Ballroom
Cedar Grove NJ
AFRS Rebroadcast
23 Dec 1944
Set 5
Pet My Pup
Jimmy Grier Orchestra
Radio Trnscription
Los Angeles
Sound Advice
John J Anthony
‘The Goodwill Hour’
WOR Mutual NY
Beg Your Pardon
Dinah Shore (voc) Harry James Orchestra
‘Call For Music’
4 May 1948
Blue Music
Les Brown  Orchestra (voc) Doris Day
‘One Night Stand’
Peacock Room
Hotel Baker
Dallas Tx
AFRS Rebroadcast
9 Aug 1945
Set 6
Russian Lullaby
Oscar Aleman Trio
Comm Rec
12 May 1939
Hold Tight
Benny Goodman Orchestra
‘Camel Caravan’
State Theatre
Hartford Conn.
7 Feb 1939
Diga Diga Doo
Bob Crosby Orchestra
‘Spotlight Bands’
Blue Network
3 Dec 1942
Theme + Sugar Foot Stomp
Bunny Berrigan Orchestra
Panther Room
Hotel Sherman
WMAQ NBC Red Chicago
Jul 1939
Set 7
Hello Dolly
Duke Ellington Orchestra
‘One Night Stand’
Marine Ballroom
Steel Pier
Atlantic City NJ
AFN Europe
Jul 1964
Theme + St Louis Blues
Charlie Shavers Quartet
London House
WBBM CBS Chicago
May 1962
Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians
Tiparillo Pavilion
NY World Fair
Fascinating Rhythm
Tony Bennett (voc) Gene Krupa Trio
‘Guard Session’
Radio Transcription
Los Angeles
Set 8
Bye Bye
Miss Rhapsody
Comm Rec
New York
6 Jul 1944
Chasin The Bird
Charlie Parker Sextet
‘Symphony Sid Show’
Royal Roost
12 Mar 1949
My Heart Stood Still
Shorty Rogers Giants
‘Tonight Show’
Jul 1955

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