Smash Every Grand Theft Auto Game You See – Update WE WON!

DON’T SHOP AT TARGET until Grand Theft Auto 5 is pulled from sale.

SMASH any displays you see in any shop.

This sickening game demands players commit sexual violence and kill women.

I’ve signed the petition. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link.


30,000 signatures – but Target putting $$ over violence against women: please read and share!

Nicole Survivor

3 Dec 2014 — Thank you for your ongoing support for this petition. To see the petition rapidly rise to almost 30000 signatures in just a few days gives me hope that the community is willing to speak out against sexualised violence in video games.

I spoke with who have published an article about the campaign today. (link: ) Target spoke to as well and has clearly missed the point, preferring to put $ ahead of women and girls rights.

“We’ve got to listen to our customers and there are as many defending the right to buy the game as there are who want it removed,” – Target spokesman Jim Cooper

How can Target possibly compare someone’s “right” to buy a sexually violent video game with women and girls right to live in a culture that is free from sexual violence?

I and others supporting this petition are well aware of those defending the game – we have received their threats, their abusive and intimidating messages. Supporters who have shared the petition online have been astounded at the level of abuse and harassment they have received in response. Some have removed the petition and have avoided engaging with the issue at all, in fear of the consequences.

We need to be more outspoken now than ever. We mustn’t give up now.

Wesfarmers – owner of Target – Managing Director Richard Goyder is a White Ribbon Day ambassador (link? ) – presumably he took an oath to not remain silent or excuse violence against women. Now is the time for him to speak up.

Contact Richard Goyder and ask him to follow through on his oath. Tweet him here: Message him here:

Share the petition link widely – post the link to Facebook, Twitter and email to your friends and networks.

Thanks for your support!

We Won! Congratulations. Now it’s time for Woolworths and Big W to pull this crap from their shelves. Read on…

4 Dec 2014 — Great news – we’ve won! Target (and breaking news: Kmart now too!) have pulled Grand Theft Auto 5 from shelves across the country in response to our 40,000-strong petition.

Here’s the response from Target Australia:

The petition win is all over the media right now: on ABC News,, Sunrise, Guardian Australia, Herald Sun, even reaching international outlets like AP, Forbes, UK’s Telegraph newspaper and others!

This is a huge win. For years, games like Grand Theft Auto have got away with this in-game misogyny and sexual violence.

It’s games like this that normalise rape and sexual violence. You’ve helped send a message to family retailers and brands that their consumers have had enough, and they’ve started listening.

We’re now asking outlets like Big W and Woolworths whether they’re going to stand up against Grand Theft Auto’s violence against women as well.

Join us here:

Thank you again. All 40,000+ of you!



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