Glory Be! Glory Days Interviews Greg Poppleton

Hot off the press!

The latest edition, #10, of the gloriously vintage, GLORY DAYS magazine, has just published a searing, in-depth, two page interview with my good self, Greg Poppleton. I speak candidly about Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters for the first time in a Glory Days exclusiveAnd a WARNING: a lot of it is very pretty.

Croon-noir and vintage raconteur, Jimmy ‘Scoop’ Vargas, probes beneath the debonaire veneer of this 1920s – 1930s style warbler. He fearlessly puts the questions you’ve always wanted asked. The result is a hard-hitting, glossy, largely serif font, one-on-one, expose worthy of Steinbeck in his WW2 heyday.

Vargas shines a light on authentic 1920s -1930s jazz swing band, Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters, and discovers it really is just one glamorous Great Gatsby party after another for this authentic Jazz Age vocalist and his inspired troupe of world-touring classic jazz musicians.

For the full lowdown, get your copy of Glory Days right now. Get it before it’s too late…

Greg Poppleton candidly tells Jimmy Vargas about the highs and then the more highs of being a 1920s - 1930s-style singer and band leader.
Greg Poppleton doesn’t hold back as he openly reveals to Jimmy Vargas the shocking highs and then greater highs of being a 1920s – 1930s-style singer and band leader.

What’s more, Glory Days, is packed with plenty more reading for your discerning vintage pleasure.

In fact, Issue 10 of Glory Days magazine is dedicated to the HOME. Intrepid Glory Days journalists, inky fingered reporter pads in hand and flash bulb cameras at the ready, courageously lift the lid on RETRO DOMESTICITY.


Now, no doubt, dear reader, you already have Greg Poppleton 1920s – 1930s hot jazz and swing recordings playing daily in your home alongside your Rudy Vallee and Al Bowlly sides. If not, may I direct you to Bandcamp?

I also surmise, correctly I trust, that you are a regular listener to Greg Poppleton’s weekly, networked, award-winning Phantom Dancer cavalcade of swing and jazz from live 1920s-60s wireless. If not, that blue Phantom Dancer link catching your eye just above and to the right of where you’re reading now, holds the magic key to an Aladdin’s cave of vintage dance band treasures. Now read on…


…because delightful home musical diversions aside, Issue 10 of Glory Days, has even MORE on the Home for your amusement and edification.

Candice DeVille invites you into her home and talks to Natasha Francois about the 3 B’s: blogging, beauty and business.

Claire Regnault of Te Papa profiles three design visionaries from the past whose influences are still felt in our homes today.

Caroline Moore traces the history of the New Zealand garden.

And, Glory Days, speaks to a man who’d like you to live in a UFO.

Andre Taber examines the history of the barbecue and shows how to host your very own mid-winter barbie.

And segueing from Barbie, you’ll meet a dolls house designer with a miniature mid-century modern obsession.

And if that isn’t enough, Glory Days # 10, offers you the chance to get hold of everything but the kitchen sink. Every reader receives a free chalk paint powder sample from Voodoo Molly.


You could even WIN a raincoat, books, dresses, punchbowls, beauty products and a night in one of Auckland’s most stylish hotels – all in Issue 10.


And, of course, there’s that Greg Poppleton interview. All about how Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters is so untainted by the postmodern, what they had for breakfast, the sousaphonist’s favourite colour etc.

That’s all in the new look Issue 10 of Glory Days magazine.

Walk, don’t run, to your nearest newsagent now. Or, better yet, buy your pristine copy online this very instant. Issue 10 will sell out. Then your only option will be to bid for some tattered, well-thumbed ‘collectors’ item’ on eBay.

Glory Days Issue 10 on sale now
Glory Days Issue 10 on sale now. As the wise person said, “If you buy one magazine this year, make sure it’s Glory Days #10 with the Greg Poppleton interview.”


Basically the behemoths of the by-line at Glory Days put it best,

“The team at Glory Days curate experiences for ladies and gents who love to make the past, present. Our first magazine title, Glory Days, is a quarterly printed publication which features a mixture of vintage, retro and historical content, with a focus on fashion, food, entertaining, events, in-depth features, cars, music and more.

We created Glory Days because we noticed the huge international resurgence in all facets of heritage culture as a means of living a better modern life. TV shows such as Mad Men and Downton Abbey, renewed interest in craft and home baking, the slow living movement and increased popularity in vintage clothing and retro home-wares, are all turning people on to the vintage aesthetic.” Glory Days Magazine.


Treat yourself to Glory Days Issue 10 NOW

And enquire about Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters for your vintage themed occasion.


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