Greg Poppleton 2016 Film Showreel and Victorian Music Hall Songs

Enjoy the latest Greg Poppleton Film and TV Showreel…

I am a character actor mostly cast in dramas set in the past as the little man who’s always up against it!

This showreel also features Victorian Era Music Hall songs in the soundtrack which I sung live at a Sunday Carnival performance in The Victoria Room Cabaret. Tony Gardner is on piano.
– Hello Ma Baby (1899)
– Her Eyes Don’t Shine Like Diamonds (1895)

Film clips in this Showreel come from:
– Moulin Rouge!
– Peter Allen Not The Boy Next Door
– Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader
– Underbelly The Golden Mile
– Hunt Angels
– Immigration Nation

Featured in many films, TV shows and TV commercials, I have worked directly with Academy Award winners Adrien Brody (Backtrack), Howard Burger (Narnia) Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge) and with Golden Globe winner John Goodman (Dirty Deeds).

Greg Poppleton is represented by:
– Film, TV, TVCs:
– Voiceovers:
– Music:


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