28 June Phantom Dancer – 1934 Vitaphone Short Richard Himber and The Champions

Your 28 June Phantom Dancer with Greg Poppleton brings you live 1920s-60s radio performances by Lester Young, Richard Himber (the first man with a vanity phone number) and Glenn Miller from 1938 radio BEFORE he found his famous sound.

Listen now online at 2ser.com

The Phantom Dancer is your non-stop 2 hour mix of swing and jazz from live 1920s-60s radio every week online and on 2SER radio.

See the full play list below. It’s swing, jazz and first hand social history all in one without intrusive ‘jazz daddy’ prattle.

The final hour of the mix is all vinyl.

The Phantom Dancer is live-streamed as the show goes to air on 107.3 2SER Sydney, Tuesdays 12 – 2pm (12 – 2am GMT) and repeated 5 – 6pm Sundays, http://www.2ser.com

The show is then archived for you to listen to any time at 2ser.com/Phantom_Dancer.

Your Phantom Dancer Video of the Week: one of today’s play list bands, Richard Himber and the Champions from 1934

Play List – The Phantom Dancer
107.3 2SER-FM Sydney,

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