23 August 2016 Phantom Dancer – SCTV ‘What’s My Shoe Size?’

Your weekly Phantom Dancer non-stop mix of swing and jazz from live 1920s – 60s radio with Greg Poppleton this week includes…

Music from 1930s-40s Variety Shows, Illinois Jacquet and Miles Davis broadcasting from New York in the 1950s and a set of cardboard Hit of the Week records from 1930-32. The final hour of the mix is all vinyl.

See the full play list below. HEAR THE SHOW ONLINE AT 2SER.COM

The Phantom Dancer is your non-stop 2 hour mix of swing and jazz from live 1920s-60s radio every week online and on 2SER radio.

The Phantom Dancer is live-streamed as the show goes to air on 107.3 2SER Sydney, Tuesdays 12 – 2pm (12 – 2am GMT) and repeated 5 – 6pm Sundays, http://www.2ser.com

You can then hear The Phantom Dancer anywhere in the world, archived just for you at 2ser.com/Phantom_Dancer.

Your Phantom Dancer Video of the Week is from Second City TV. It’s their take on the 1950s TV show ‘What’s My Line?’ Enjoy.

Play List – The Phantom Dancer
107.3 2SER-FM Sydney, Live Stream, Digital Radio
Community Radio Network Show CRN #228

107.3 2SER Tuesday 23 August 2016
After the 2SER 12 noon news, 12:04 – 2:00pm (+10 hours GMT)
National Program:
2RRR Gladesville Thurs 11am – 12
2SER Sunday 2SER 5 – 6pm
ArtSoundFM Canberra Sunday 7 – 8pm
and early morning on 30 other stations.

Set 1
Rhythms by the Big Bands on 1945 Radio
Open + Out Of This World
Boyd Raeburn Orchestra (voc) David Allen
Rose Room
Palace Hotel
KQW CBS San Francisco
27 Jul 1945
Take The A Train + Suddenly It Jumped
Duke Ellington Orchestra
AFRS Hollywood
Jan 1945
Riding To Glory On A Trumpet + Body and Soul + Close
Horace Heidt Orchestra + Close
‘One Night Stand’
Trianon Ballroom
Southgate Ca
AFRS Re-broadcast
23 Jan 1945
Set 2
1930s – 1940s Variety Shows
Open + Goody Goody
Texaco Orchestra and Chorus
‘Texaco Star Theatre’
31 Mar 1936
Open (Wintergreen for President) + Change Partners + Thanks For The Memory
Bob Hope, Skinnay Ennis Orchestra (voc) Skinnay Ennis
‘Pepsodent Show’
27 Sep 1938
Again + Close
Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Dick Stabile Orchestra
‘Martin and Lewis Show’
8 May 1949
Set 3
Modern Jazz On 1950s Radio
Jet Propulsion
Illinois Jacquet
‘Stars in Jazz’
Well You Needn’t + It Never Entered My Mind
Miles Davis
‘Bandstand USA’
Cafe Bohemia
WOR Mutual NY
15 Sep 1956
Set 4
Traditional Jazz Sounds on 1940s-50s Radio
Open + Kerry Dance
Henry Levine Octet
‘Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street’
21 Jul 1941
Rocking Chair
Louis Armstrong All-Stars (voc) Louis Armstrong + Earl ‘Fatha’ Hines
‘All-Star Parade of Bands’
Basin Street
14 May 1955
Clarinet Marmalade + Close
Wild Bill Davison
‘This Is Jazz’
WOR Mutual New York
3 May 1947
Set 5
Hit Of The Week Cardboard Records
Reaching For The Moon
Sam Lanin’s Dance Orchestra (voc) Scrappy Lambert
Hit of the Week Record
New York City
Mar 1931
I’m Keeping Company
Hit of the Week Orchestra (voc) Scrappy Lambert
Hit of the Week Record
New York City
Aug 1931
Pardon Me Pretty Baby
Sam Lanin’s Dance Orchestra (voc) Paul Small
Hit of the Week Record
New York City
Jan 1932
If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
Hit of the Week Orchestra (voc) Dick Robertson (tp solo Bob Effros or Red Nichols)
Hit of the Week Record
New York City
Dec 1930
Set 6
Swing Bands on ‘Spotlight Bands’
Open + Sugarfoot Stomp
Benny Goodman Orchestra
‘Spotlight Bands’
Springfield Mass
Blue Network
29 Sep 1943
Open + Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
Charlie Spivak Orchestra (voc) Irene Day
Spotlight Bands’
Jamestown NY
Blue Network
19 Jan 1945
It Happened In Monterey
Gene Krupa Orchestra (voc) G-Noters
‘Spotlight Bands’
Newport Rhode Island
Blue Network
2 Oct 1944
The Minor Goes A Muggin’
Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
‘Spotlight Bands’
Mutual Network
5 Nov 1945
Set 7
‘Mickey Mouse Bands’ on 1935 – 1940 Radio
Open + Isn’t Love The Grandest Thing
Guy Lombardo Orchestra (voc) Lombardo Trio
‘Esso Boulevarde’
7 Oct 1935
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Jan Garber Orchestra (voc) Lee Bennett
Radio Transcription
New York City
The Yam
Blue Barron Orchestra (voc) Charlie Fisher
Radio Transcription
New York City
Sunshine Of My Heart
Chuck Foster Orchestra (voc) Dorothy Brandon
Radio Transcription
Set 8
Duke Ellington’s Extended Works on ‘A Date With The Duke’ (ABC)
Diminuendo In Blue / Rocks In My Bed / Crescendo In Blue
Duke Ellington Orchestra (voc) Joya Sherill
‘A Date With The Duke’
ABC Toledo OH
9 Jun 1945
Blue Bells Of Harlem
Duke Ellington Orchestra
‘A Date With The Duke’
WJZ ABC Radio City NY
7 Jul 1945

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