Gruen Transfer ‘The Pitch’ – Private vs Public Schools

‘The Gruen Transfer’ is ABC TV’s popular show about advertising. It is one of the most popular shows in Australian TV history. It regularly out-rates popular reality show rivals on other channels, like ‘The Bachelor’.

Hosted by comedian Wil Anderson flanked by four highly witty and insightful advertising professionals, ‘Gruen’ dissects ads and finds out how they work on us.

In the middle of the show is the ever-popular segment ‘The Pitch’ – two rival ad companies are given a brief to sell an ‘unsellable’ product.

As an actor I’ve always wanted to be in one of these ads and last week I was asked by production company ‘Thinkbone’. I went to the local park dressed as a school teacher. Here’s the result as the ad tackles the brief head-on, directed by Stefanie Maystorovich. Enjoy!

Greg Poppleton actor agent: Benchmark Creative

Visit the Greg Poppleton actor website

Visit the Greg Poppleton actor website

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