NRL Footy Show Asks Me To Be A Melbourne Storm Fan For The 2016 Grand Final – Problem Is, I Hate Sport.

I asked not to be filmed.

But when they persisted on asking me about becoming a Melbourne Storm fan (that’s a rugby league team, it seems) and tried to get me excited about the National Rugby League grand final, well, it didn’t work.

I told them, though it’s not on the clip, that when the news turns to sport I turn the radio off.

If only they were handing me 1920s – 1930s jazz and swing albums instead of football tat. Oh, well.

Nice editing by The Footy Show and all in fun.

The interview actually went for all of 3 minutes, I raced off to get my bus, and not 1 hour as on the final caption. But that looks funny.

Nine Network ‘Footy Show’ film clip link

Greg Poppleton - Footy ShowGreg Poppleton Footy Show Nine NetworkGreg Poppleton Footy Show Channel 9

This could be a good football song – it’s could enough rah-rah in it…


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