Egyptian Ella – New Greg Poppleton Video


The new video by Greg Poppleton …

Egyptian Ella by Walter Doyle (1930) – from the album Back In Your Own Backyard

Greg Poppleton and his 1920s-30s swing and jazz band come from Way Down South –
so far south, in fact, that the next stop is Antarctica!


We love playing 1920s – 1930s jazz and swing

And we believe in sharing this music at free shows and uploads

But we still have to eat

We believe that for artists to survive and create, audiences need to step up and directly support them…

Buy and download at


If you’re broke,
add this to your play list.
Kick in later when you have the money

If you’re rich,
think of the good karma your support will bring you

We ask for only $1

That’s 1/3 the price of a coffee

And this song will last you forever

Thank you.



Egyptian Ella
Vocals: Greg Poppleton
Soprano Sax: Paul Furniss
Sousaphone: Geoff Power
Guitar: Grahame Conlon
Drums: Lawrie Thompson

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