New Actor Showreel – Greg Poppleton

Hello friends,

Please check out my newest actor showreel. Clips from some of your favourite movies and TV shows including Chronicles of Narnia, Backtrack, Moulin Rouge! Underbelly, Peter Allen, Soop and more…

Clips from Chronicles of Narnia, Peter Allen Not The Boy Next Door, Underbelly, Moulin Rouge!, Footy Legends, Backtrack, Hunt Angels and Soop

Film & TV Agent: Benchmark Creative Management

Voiceover Agent: RGM Voices

Band agent: OzManagement

0:00 They Didn’t Believe Me (sung by Greg Poppleton in soundtrack for German-Israeli co-production)
0:08 Soop
0:48 It’s Only a Paper Moon (sung by Greg Poppleton)
0:57 Peter Allen Not The Boy Next Door
1:30 Underbelly The Golden Mile
2:08 Backtrack (with Adrien Brody)
2:23 Moulin Rouge! (with Nicole Kidman)
2:38 Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader (prosthetics, Howard Berger)
2:44 Footy Legends (with Ahn Do)
3:21 Hunt Angels (with Ben Mendelsohn)
4:16 Too Marvellous (sung by Greg Poppleton)

Greg Poppleton is cast in drama, fantasy and comedy as the ‘little man’ who’s always ‘up against it!’. He’s the petty official, be it teacher, talent show judge, butler, footy referee, storekeeper, Dufflepud, tired businessman, priest, top-hatted Nervous Nellie…

His advances are spurned by Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge! (2001).

He’s scared off by Edmund and Caspian in Chronicles of Narnia (2010) wearing prosthetics specially designed for Greg by Academy Award winner Howard Berger.

He’s the dead man walking who tells Academy Award winner Adrien Brody, “I think I’m beginning to hate people,” in Backtrack. (2015)

On TV, Greg’s the judge who misreads Peter Allen’s talent in Peter Allen – Not The Boy Next Door (2015) set in the 1950s. He gets no happy ending from Emma Booth in Underbelly the Golden Mile (2011) set in the 1960s. Greg has made 59 TV commercials.

Voices: As a Voiceover, he’s your best friend for super, dental plans, BBQs, you name it.

Singer: Greg is also an authentic 1920s-30s swing jazz singer and band leader. He has more than 1 million YouTube views:
and 4 albums out now on Bandcamp

Three songs on this showreel are from Greg’s 1920s-30s jazz swing albums:
0:00 They Didn’t Believe Me (used in a German-Israeli co-production)
0:48 It’s Only a Paper Moon
4:16 Too Marvellous

Radio: He is an award-winning jazz broadcaster heard on 22 radio stations across Australia. Greg has broadcast on the BBC, ABC and SBS.


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