Ever Heard A Metamodern Band? Now’s Your Chance

Greg Poppleton, 1920s singer, at the Illawarra Jazz Club
Greg Poppleton, 1920s singer, at the Illawarra Jazz Club


Derrida said,

“If this work seems so threatening, this is because it isn’t simply eccentric or strange, but competent, rigorously argued, and carrying conviction.”

The Illawarra Jazz Club presents Australia’s only authentic 1920s – 1930s singer, Greg Poppleton, with his metamodern jazz band, for an afternoon of Liederhosen.

Let me explain…

Greg Poppleton’s music is a metamodern mediation between aspects of modernism and postmodernism.

As a modernist he is Australia’s only authentic 1920s – 1930s singer.

As a postmodernist he is both cognizant that he can never be truly ‘authentic’ yet pursues his single-minded mission with Virilian speed to create fascinatingly ephemeral ‘1920s Urzeiten’ unique to his time and place on stage.

“To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only pretended to pretend,” Jacques Derrida.

Deftly avoiding jazz cliches and gimmicky contemporary music incorporations, Greg becomes ‘1920s’ on-stage utilising a thorough ethical framework of sound music practice, stagecraft and an authentic passion for the genre since earliest childhood.

“All human knowledge takes the form of interpretation,” Weimar Jazz Age writer, broadcaster and essayist, Walter Benjamin.

Greg is truly a metamodern singer in English and German, and the Corrimal Hotel is the one place in the Illawarra where this musical intersection can engage, challenge and charm.

Totally untouched by contemporary music, producing sounds that intrigue and catch listeners off-guard, Greg has over 1 MILLION YouTube plays for just one mix of his 1920s-30s music from three albums.

Gloriously rejected by the more traditional elements of the jazz community in which he is supposed to belong and embraced by Bob Rogers on commercial radio and 18-35 year olds in Europe, the US and Mexico, there is no middle ground with Greg Poppleton.

Greg entertains, bringing an operatically trained voice, a lifelong single-minded approach to the music of the 1920s and 1930s, and an acting background which has seen him in movie scenes opposite such Hollywood stars as Nicole Kidman, Adrien Brody and John Goodman.

Now I ask you, writing in the first person, is there a place for my metamodern Greg Poppleton band in your hearts so that you’ll be at the Corrimal Hotel, Saturday 7 October, 3:30-6:30pm?

There’s a bistro. A bar. And no PA!

To find out more, do visit Greg’s website at http://www.gregpoppletonmusic.com for photos, music and contact.

Greg Poppleton, Corrimal Hotel, Sat 7 Oct

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