Phantom Dancer Subscriber Drive 18 October – Professor Coleslaw and his Toy Piano Swing

The Tuesday October 18 Phantom Dancer is in the second and final week of the annual 2SER Subscriber Drive.

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The Phantom Dancer, which I’ve presented since 1985 on 2SER, is your non-stop mix of swing and jazz from live 1920s – 1960s radio and TV.

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On this Subscriber Drive, 18 October Phantom Dancer show, you’ll hear some of my favourite, and I hope your favourite, swing, jazz and bop songs from live 1930s-50s radio.

I hope, too, that these songs will inspire you to support the Phantom Dancer with your $$$ so The Phantom Dancer can continue on community radio 107.3 2SER Sydney and online around the world.


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Otherwise known as pianist Paul Kuhlthau, Professor Coleslaw plays ‘Toy Piano Jump’ on an actual toy piano. The performance is from a 1939 radio transcription by the Johnny Messner Orchestra and it’s on today’s Subscriber Drive Phantom Dancer.

‘Popular Mechanics’ magazine, in a September 1940 article titled ‘Cashing In On Hobbies’ explained that, “Paul Kuhlthau, of Milltown, N.J., ‘Professor Coleslaw’ on the radio, was just another good pianist until he took up the hobby of finding toy pianos on department store counters which were accurate (sic.) in tune, sometimes testing 300 to select one. One day he played one of his ninety-eight cent toys over the air and it was a hit.”

Paul Kuhlthau composed ‘The Toy Piano Jump’ in 1939. He then went on to write ‘The Boogie Woogie Bride’ and ‘Toy Piano Minuet’ in 1941. He played with the Vincent Lopez into the early 1960s, writing pop songs and rock’n’roll novelties including ‘The Ol’ Piano Roll Rock’.

Here’s Professor Coleslaw and his Toy Piano Jump in the exact 1939 radio transcription, you’ll hear on today’s Phantom Dancer. Enjoy and subscribe!

Play List – The Phantom Dancer
107.3 2SER-FM Sydney, Live Stream, Digital Radio
Community Radio Network Show CRN #283

107.3 2SER Tuesday 18 October 2017
After the 2SER 12 noon news, 12:04 – 2:00pm (+11 hours GMT)
National Program:
ArtSoundFM Canberra Sunday 7 – 8pm
and early morning on 22 other stations.

Set 1
Dance Bands on 1944-1950 Radio
Beethoven Wrote It, But It Swings
Dolly Dawn and her Dawn Patrol (voc) Dolly Dawn
Comm Rec
New York City
15 Feb 1939
We’re Off To See The Wizard
Jim Davidson ABC Dance Orchestra (voc) Band
Comm Rec
21 Nov 1939
Behind The Swinging Doors
Jim Davidson ABC Dance Orchestra (voc) Alice Smith, Dave Cranburn, Gordon Rawlinson and Jim Gussey
Comm Rec
2 Nov 1938
Set 2
Modern Sounds in Swing
Do The Hucklebuck
Benny Goodman Orchestra (voc) Band Vocal
’Band Remote’
Surf Beach Club
Virginia Beach Va.
27 Aug 1949
Boyd Meets Girl
Boyd Raeburn Orchestra
Rose Room
Palace Hotel
KQW CBS San Francisco
19 Jun 1945
Northwest Passage
Kauko Viitamaki Quintet
Comm Rec
7 Apr 1949
Set 3
Subscribe Now:
Phone 02 9514 9500
Cosa Farai Di Me?
E.I.A.R Orchestra Moderna (voc) Vittorio Belleli
Comm Rec
Swamp Fire
Frankie Masters Orchestra
’Rhythm and Romance’
WJSV CBS Washington DC
21 Sep 1939
Solveig’s Song + Close
Bert Shefta (of modernistic piano fame)
’Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street’
23 Jun 1941
Set 4
Out There Orchestrations
Raymond Scott Quintet
‘Saturday Night Swing Club’
12 Jun 1937
Sound of Music
Felicia Saunders
’Guest Star’
Radio Transcription
3 Apr 1960
Ads + Sugar Loaf Mambo
Bernard ‘Whitey’ Berquist and the NBC Chicago Symphony
19 Jun 1955
Set 5
1930s Novelty Songs
Toy Piano Jump
Johnny Messner Orchestra (toy piano) Prof. Coleslaw
Radio Transcription
New York City
Claude Hopkins Orchestra (voc) Fred Norman
Comm Rec
New York City
18 Oct 1935
The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down
Dick Jurgens Orchestra (voc) Eddy Howard and Band
Radio Transcription
Penny Serenade
Hal Kemp Orchestra (voc) Saxie Dowell and Audience
Set 6
Swinging Fast & Slow
Let’s Have One For The Road
George Trevare Orchestra (voc) unknown
Comm Rec
Baby Boogie
Eliot Lawrence Orchestra (voc) Rosalind Patton
Palladium Ballroom
5 Dec 1947
Loose Wig
Lionel Hampton Orchestra
26 Nov 1945
Square Face
Turk Murphy San Francisco Jazz Band
Club Hangover
KCBS CBS San Francisco
7 Nov 1958
Set 7
Swing Era Toe-Tappers
Pretty Little Petticoat (theme) + Huckleberry Duck
Raymond Scott Orchestra
Radio Transcription
WMAQ NBC Chicago
I’m Looking For A Guy Who Plays Alto and Baritone Doubles on a Clarinet and Wears a Size 37 Suit
Ozzie Nelson Orchestra (voc) Rose Ann Stevens
Blackhawk Restaurant
WGN Mutual Chicago
30 Mar 1940
Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra (voc) Trio
’Spotlight Bands’
Jefferson Barracks, Missouri
Blue Network
23 Nov 1945
Solid Geometry For Squares
Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra (voc) Trio
Band Remote
Log Cabin
New York
23 Oct 1942
Set 8
Bop and Cool
Charlie Parker
9 May 1953
I Want a Little Girl
Charlie Shavers Quartet
London House
WBBM CBS Chicago
May 1962
I Remember Clifford
Oscar Pettiford Orchestra
Jun 1957
Koko + Anthropology (theme)
Barry Ulanov All Star Metronome Jazzmen
WOR Mutual NY
8 Nov 1947

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