Night and Day – Very Serious Live Concert Performance

Jazz is very serious and difficult. When it kicked off in the brothels of New Orleans, everyone had to listen carefully and critique, or else they’d be forcefully ejected from the bordello. Today, the Jazz Police continue a century old tradition of making jazz inaccessible. Fortunately, on the day this low-life jazz trio and singer were recording their ‘selfie-musicale’, the Jazz Police were patrolling a nearby empty concert hall where grant recipients and worthy jazz school graduates were carefully trudging through a stunning original in 11/16 and 22/8. The Jazz Society Improvised Collective Association Workshop Co-Op Newsletter write-up of their efforts was praiseworthy.

Night and Day – Cole Porter (1932) Singer – Greg Poppleton,
Guitar – Grahame Conlon, Double Bass – Dave Clayton, Drums – Bob Gillespie

Greg Poppleton makes 1920s-30s Pop.

Band Website:

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