2SER Supporter Drive – Week 2 Phantom Dancer

2SER subscriber drive


2SER is a community radio station. Your radio station.

It’s also 300+ volunteers with a passion for high quality radio.

It’s an exciting grassroots movement.

It’s created by aware people like you and me to educate:
– to make sure you get your favourite real music by your favourite non-commercial artists,
– to bring to you what’s really going on in your community and in your world by  giving you independent news and current affairs unfiltered by politically connected billionaires and millionaires.

It’s yours,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


I’m a 2SER volunteer and a supporter. I’ve produced and presented The Phantom Dancer on 2SER for you since 1985. I volunteer and I support 2SER financially during the Supporter Drive very year.

What Alex Turnbull, son of former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, has pinned to his Twitter feed, applies as much to politics, as to how active and engaged you are as a radio listener so as not to be a soulless puppet to vested interests:

“If you want blind unthinking faith you can go to a place of worship. If all you are is barracking for a football team in politics you’re just a useful idiot footsoldier for the vested interests that run the place. Wake up.” Alex Turnbull

Wake up. Vote against the crass babel of vested interests on-air and instead support your grassroots community radio, 2SER.

Visit 2SER Support or call 9514 9500


On the light side of 2SER, but no less important to many of you who would feel depressed if the show wasn’t on-air, is The Phantom Dancer.

Nowhere else can you hear a non-stop mix of swing and jazz from live 1920s-1960s radio and TV every week.

If I stopped volunteering at 2SER and stopped supporting financially every Supporter Drive, I’d be a cop-out – a mindless drone for populism and big money popular culture – neither of which cares for me and you.

And there’d be nowhere else for you to hear your favourite Phantom Dancer mix.

Likewise, without your financial support for 2SER, this radio station could be lost forever.

Supporting 2SER is simple and painless. Just one dollar or two a week, direct debited weekly from your credit card, is all you need to do.

Visit 2SER Support or call 9514 9500 to set this up.

It costs $1 million a year to run 2SER. Your dollar every week helps.

2SER Greg Poppleton


Think of 2SER Supporter Drive like a radio version of a Go Fund Me campaign. Only we’ve been doing it for longer than the World Wide Web.

It’s fundraising. For a cause that affects your quality of life every day – 2SER.

Just like an online funding campaign, there are set supporter amounts. These are:
$40 concession
$80 standard
$160 passionate
$600 life member

Or, you can support with any $$$ amount you like.

Everyone goes in the daily prize draw and the major Supporter Drive prize draw.

Everyone who supports 2SER gets exclusive access to 2SER on-air and online giveaways during the year to concert and theatre tickets at great venues to see your favourite local and overseas artists.


This is the second week of the annual 2SER Supporter Drive.

Thank you to everyone who went online and called 9514 9500 to support community radio 2SER during last Tuesday’s Phantom Dancer.

I look forward to hearing from you online or calling 9514 9500 to fund 2SER during this Tuesday’s The Phantom Dancer, 12:04-2:00pm AEST (+11 GMT).

I have a great non-stop mix of swing and jazz from live 1920s – 1960s radio and TV lined up for you to say THANK YOU.


Support 2SER online now
We’re counting on you.
You can also call in your support 61 2 9514 9500


Inside the Phantom Dancer 2SER study filmed just last month. Yes, I’m a volunteer, volunteering 16 hours a week for you to prepare and present The Phantom Dancer. It ain’t slick, it ain’t crass – it’s real, it’s grassroots, it’s you…



Play List – The Phantom Dancer
107.3 2SER-FM Sydney, Live Stream, Digital Radio
Community Radio Network Show CRN #339

107.3 2SER Tuesday 23 October 2018
After the 2SER 12 noon news, 12:04 – 2:00pm (+11 hours GMT)
National Program:
ArtSoundFM Canberra Sunday 7 – 8pm
and early morning on 23 other stations.

Set 1
Subscribe to 2SER
Call 9514 9500
Sittin’ Makin’ Faces At The Moon
Barbara James (voc) George Trevare Orchestra
Comm Rec
19 Aug 1943
I Didn’t Know About You
Bob Crosby (voc) Jerry Gray Orchestra
‘Club 15’
14 Oct 1947
News + Ring Dem Bell Tones
Frankie Masters Orchestra
‘Streamlined Interlude’
WJSV CBS Washington DC
21 Sep 1939
Teddy Stauffer and his Original Teddies (voc) Billy Toffel
Comm Rec
9 Apr 1938
Theme + Old Man River
Stan Kenton Orchestra
‘Sound Off’
AFRS Hollywood
Then I’ll Be Happy
Sparkly Betty Barkley and The Bodyguards (voc) Orrin Tucker Orchestra
Cocoanut Grove
Ambassador Hotel
KECA ABC Los Angeles
Boogie Woogie + Close
Don Ross Trio
Bill Martin’s Club Restaurant
KSKY Dallas
23 May 1946
Set 2
Subscribe to 2SER
Call 9514 9500
Open + Happy Town + Jazz Invention
Harold Rumsey Lighthouse All-Stars
Band Remote
Hermosa Beach Ca.
12 Jun 1955
Spring Isn’t Everything
Tommy Dorsey Orchestra (voc) Stuart Foster
Casino Gardens
Ocean Park Ca
Jun 1947
That’s It!
Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
Casino Gardens
Ocean Park Ca
Jun 1947
Set 3
Subscribe to 2SER
Call 9514 9500
Impro on How High the Moon, Star Eyes, Tea For Tow and Anthropology
Count Basie Orchestra
Symphony Sid Show
One O’Clock Jump (theme) + Stomping at the Savoy
Earl Hines Orchestra
AFRS Hollywood
Ride, Red, Ride
Henry Red Allen
‘Doctor Jazz’
Stuyvesant Casino
Set 4
Subscribe to 2SER
Call 9514 9500
Get The Moon Out Of Your Eyes
Billy Mills Orchestra
‘Fibber McGee and Molly’
1 Jul 1940
Running Off The Rails
Mitchell Ayres Orchestra
‘Guest Star’
Radio Transcription
New York City
23 Jan 1957
Open + I’m Making Believe
Ginny Simms (voc) Cookie Fairchild Orchestra
‘Personal Album’
AFRS Hollywood
Begin the Beguine
Ray Bloch Orchestra
‘Everlast Schick Program’
Let’s Dance (theme) Board Meeting
Benny Goodman Orchestra
Peacock Court
Hotel Mark Hopkins
KFRC Don Lee Mutual
San Francisco
4 Jan 1940
Boyd Meets Girl
Boyd Raeburn Orchestra
Rose Room
Palace Hotel
KQW CBS San Francisco
19 Jun 1945
Set 5
Subscribe to 2SER
Call 9514 9500
I Married An Angel
Dick Jurgens Orchestra (voc) Eddy Howard
Radio Transcription
Los Angeles
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
Richard Himber Orchestra (voc) Buddy Clark
‘Your Hit Parade’
15 Jun 1938
Alexanders Ragtime Band
Paul Whiteman Orchestra
‘Paul Whiteman’s Musical Varieties’
24 May 1936
Big Jim Blues
Andy Kirk and his Clouds of Joy
Comm Rec
New York City
15 Dec 1939
Anything + Smooth One
Benny Goodman Orchestra
Panther Room
Hotel Sherman
WMAQ NBC Red Chicago
Set 6
Subscribe to 2SER
Call 9514 95000
You’ll Love Every Moment You Live
Eddy Howard Orchestra (voc) Trio
‘One Night Stand’
Trianon Ballroom
AFRS Re-broadcast
In A Sentimental Mood
Les Brown Orchestra
‘One Night Stand’
Palladium Ballroom
AFRS Re-broadcast
4 Sep 1945
T’ain’t Me
Les Brown Orchestra (voc) Doris Day
‘One Night Stand’
Palladium Ballroom
AFRS Re-broadcast
4 Sep 1945
Blue Skies + Jumping at the Woodside
Count Basie Orchestra (voc) Jimmy Rushing
‘One Night Stand’
Trianon Ballroom
AFRS Re-broadcast
8 Feb 1946
American Patrol + 16 O’Clock
Shep Fields and his New Music
‘One Night Stand’
New Park Casino
New York City
AFRS Re-broadcast
4 Dec 1943

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