I’m in a Subway Ad

This was fun. Hands on hips at the checkout in the new Subway ad. So much milk! That buffalo chicken sure is thpicy!


Actor: 9 feature films, 17 TV shows, 60 TV commercials.
Plus: short films, web series, corporate videos, music videos and stage.
Voice artist.
Award-winning radio presenter.
Authentic 1920s – 1930s singer and band leader.
Four albums released. More than 1.2 million YouTube plays.
Credits include:
Feature Film: Backtrack | Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader |  Moulin Rouge!
TVCs: Subway, KIIS-FM, Foxtel
TV Series:
Black Comedy | Deadly Women | TVCs: KIIS-FM, Foxtel, NEDS
Webseries: Witness Articles, The Identicals
Voice: Modern Guru
Radio: The Phantom Dancer series (National)

2 Replies to “I’m in a Subway Ad”

  1. Immediately when I Saw you in the Subway ad recently,
    I expected to hear some old fashioned music.
    (Muggsy Spanier perhaps)
    I’ll just have to wait and tune in to the the next
    Phantom Dancer episode.

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