With A Name Like Poppleton I Must Pop

As Australia’s only authentic 1920s – 30s singer, I put on a show, interact with the audience, constantly improvise, spontaneously take risks.

How can I have a name like Poppleton if I don’t Pop!

Look at the band’s 12 January 2019 Unanderra Hotel show (full house) for the Illawarra Jazz Club.

What’s going on in this photo?

Greg Poppleton sings in the Unanderra Hotel toilets

I’d just sung the first chorus of Singing in the Bathtub in the 2nd set of my Greg Poppleton 1920s-30s show on stage at the Unanderra Hotel.

Then I jumped off stage and told the audience, “Everyone sounds good when they sing in the the bathroom. I will now demonstrate.”

So I walked through the audience as the band played on and went to the Gents.

Shelley Rae King, former Illawarra Jazz Club president, raced in to take snaps as I sang the second chorus from the public toilet using the full tiled amplifying bathroom reverb only a 1920s megaphone in a throne room can give.

Meanwhile, the band’s still playing on stage.

And the audience is having a great time – being surprised and entertained.

They’re being entertained by a singer whose voice can fill a 150 people room, off stage from a toilet, with only a megaphone, while a sousaphone, alto sax, banjo and washboard swing on stage without missing a beat.

It’s all sounding so good a swing dance couple join me in the toilet – dancing to the music…

Greg Poppleton 1920s singer and swing dancers in toilet

One-by-one the band spontaneously walk off stage, still playing as I sing, to join me in the big porcelain echo chamber.

First Adam Barnard taps in on the washboard. Grahame Conlon strums along on the banjo (which weighs a ton). Damon Poppleton wails in playing alto sax. It gets a bit crowded when Geoff Power on sousaphone joins in…

Greg Poppleton 1920s singer and band in the toilets at Unanderra Hotel

Who’d would expect that would happen from a 1920s – 30s singer and band. Here’s a photo taken on stage by one of the audience of Damon, Geoff on cornet and myself a couple of minutes before the first set.

Greg Poppleton 1920s trio

Below, Damon takes his last solo as a 15 year old, with Geoff Power on sousaphone and Grahame Conlon, banjo…

Greg Poppleton 1920s - 1930s Swing Band

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As I sang off the top of my head at Unanderra:-

“It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that Pop CD, 20 bucks, 20 bucks, 20 bucks, 20 bucks.” (Only $12 CD / $7 download on Bandcamp)

The latest Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters CD, 'Doin' The Charleston'

Band Website

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