Golden Age Birthday – 1920s Band Photos

The band and I had the great pleasure of playing for Vera’s Golden Age birthday at the historic Carrington Hotel at the Blue Mountains in Katoomba last Saturday.

I took some photos to show you how much fun the guests and band had at Vera’s 1920s inspired party.


Greg Poppleton, which is both my name and the band’s name, specialises in the music of the 1920s and 1930s.
We feature Australia’s only authentic 1920s – 30s singer with world-toured classic jazz musicians.


Vera chose the quartet to play for her:
1. Greg Poppleton – authentic 1920s-1930s singer,
2. Sousaphone doubling cornet,
3. Banjo doubling guitar,
4. Baritone sax tripling alto sax and clarinet


1. The band played three 45 minute sets over three hours in the Carrington Hotel ballroom.
2. We personalised some 1920s songs for Vera.
3. Vera sent us three requests from the band’s song list to play for her.
The song list can be emailed to you by Tony,
4. We played Happy Birthday for Vera and all the guests joined in, raising three cheers.
5. We encouraged guests to dance, which they did.
6. We played a special slow song for Vera at the end of the party.
7. The band used a small PA with 1920s music played during band intermissions.
8. Vera used Greg’s 1920s microphone for her speeches.

For your booking enquiries contact Tony Jex –
Band website:

Greg Poppleton band plays Vera's Birthday Party




To book Greg Poppleton for your birthday, wedding or corporate function, contact Tony Jex –
Please visit the band website:

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