Back In Your Own Backyard – Free CD Offer


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Budd Kopman at All About Jazz (US) said of this album, “It would take an extremely jaded heart not to smile and tap your feet, much less dance around the room, to Greg Poppleton.

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1. 00:00 Cake Walkin’ Babies From Home
2. 02:33 Too Marvellous
3. They Didn’t Believe Me
4. 05:44 I’ll See You In My Dreams
5. 08:21 Egyptian Ella
6. Back In Your Own Backyard
7. When My Dreamboat Comes Home
8. Makin’ Whoopee!
9. Nobody’s Sweetheart
10. Honeysuckle Rose
11. The Lady Is A Tramp
12. Yes, We Have No Bananas!

Greg Poppleton – 1920s – 30s singer
Geoff Power – Sousaphone, Trumpet and Trombone
Paul Furniss – Alto Sax and Clarinet
Grahame Conlon – Spanish Guitar with steel strings
Lawrie Thompson – Drums and Washboard


“Given the knowledge of the era and the authenticity of performance, Poppleton’s latest release, Back In Your Own Backyard is a real delight. It’s sure to surprise lovers of early jazz that such is happening Down Under, as well as win over “newbies” to the music … It would take an extremely jaded heart not to smile and tap your feet, much less dance around the room, to Greg Poppleton.”— Budd Kopman, All About Jazz (U.S)

Greg Poppleton free album

Golden Age Birthday – 1920s Band Photos

The band and I had the great pleasure of playing for Vera’s Golden Age birthday at the historic Carrington Hotel at the Blue Mountains in Katoomba last Saturday.

I took some photos to show you how much fun the guests and band had at Vera’s 1920s inspired party.


Greg Poppleton, which is both my name and the band’s name, specialises in the music of the 1920s and 1930s.
We feature Australia’s only authentic 1920s – 30s singer with world-toured classic jazz musicians.


Vera chose the quartet to play for her:
1. Greg Poppleton – authentic 1920s-1930s singer,
2. Sousaphone doubling cornet,
3. Banjo doubling guitar,
4. Baritone sax tripling alto sax and clarinet


1. The band played three 45 minute sets over three hours in the Carrington Hotel ballroom.
2. We personalised some 1920s songs for Vera.
3. Vera sent us three requests from the band’s song list to play for her.
The song list can be emailed to you by Tony,
4. We played Happy Birthday for Vera and all the guests joined in, raising three cheers.
5. We encouraged guests to dance, which they did.
6. We played a special slow song for Vera at the end of the party.
7. The band used a small PA with 1920s music played during band intermissions.
8. Vera used Greg’s 1920s microphone for her speeches.

For your booking enquiries contact Tony Jex –
Band website:

Greg Poppleton band plays Vera's Birthday Party




To book Greg Poppleton for your birthday, wedding or corporate function, contact Tony Jex –
Please visit the band website:

Jazzy Birthday Party – Greg Poppleton Quartet

Two snaps of Greg Poppleton with his 1920s quartet.

We were playing at the birthday party of a famous artist, for whom we’ve had the great pleasure of playing before.

The party was in a house. It was a thrill to see so many guests on the dance floor.

Noise restrictions meant that the music volume had to be capped at 80 dB while playing to 160 guests in a reverberant space.

We pride ourselves at always playing at a volume where people can talk easily. Keeping to the restrictions while still being dynamic, musical and entertaining was easy and fun.

Greg Poppleton while singing Irving Berlin's 1927 song, Blue Skies.
Greg Poppleton while singing Irving Berlin’s 1927 song, Blue Skies.
Greg Poppleton 1920s band: Geoff Power sousaphone and cornet, Grahame Conlon guitar and banjo, Glenn Henrich alto sax, baritone sax and clarinet.

Enquiries – Have Greg Poppleton at your party – contact Tony Jex 61 2 9567 7171  |   04407 941 263

2SER Supporter Drive 2018 – Week 1 Phantom Dancer

2SER Greg Poppleton

2SER subscriber drive


This is the first week of the annual 2SER Supporter Drive.

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Play List – The Phantom Dancer
107.3 2SER-FM Sydney, Live Stream, Digital Radio
Community Radio Network Show CRN #337

107.3 2SER Tuesday 16 October 2018
After the 2SER 12 noon news, 12:04 – 2:00pm (+11 hours GMT)
National Program:
ArtSoundFM Canberra Sunday 7 – 8pm
and early morning on 24 other stations.

Set 1
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Swing That Music
Louis Armstrong (voc) Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra
Comm Rec
Los Angeles
Aug 1936
You Old Son of a Gun
Rosemary Clooney (voc) Buddy Cole Music
‘Stars for Defense’
Radio Transcription
Nov 1959
Sherlock Holmes & Wine Ad
Nigel Bruce
‘Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’
KHJ Mutual LA
Sep 1945
Wabash Blues
Jerry Thomas Quintet
Comm Rec
Zurich, Switzerland
Set 2
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Open + Bridegroom Special
Yiddish Swing Orchestra
‘Yiddish Melodies in Swing’
China Boy
Sidney Bechet (sop sax)
‘Eddie Condon Jazz Concert’
WJZ Blue Network NYC
Feb 1945
Stage Coach
Wally Portingale Orchestra
‘Army on Parade’
2CH AWA Sydney
Oct 1943
That’s Love
Phil Harris Orchestra (voc) The Three Ambassadors
‘Cocoanut Grove’
Radio Transcription
Los Angeles
Set 3
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Jan Garber Orchestra
‘One Night Stand’
Trianon Ballroom
Southgate Ca
AFRS Re-broadcast
Mar 1945
Easter Parade
Martha Mears
’10-2-4 Time’
Radio Transcription
Los Angeles
Mar 1948
Don’t Blame Me
Dinah Shore
‘Guest Star’
Radio Transcription
New York City
Dec 1948
Set 4
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Isn’t It Romantic?
Chet Baker Quartet
Copley Square Hotel
WHDH Boston
16 Mar 1954
Good Evening (theme) + April Showers
Del Courtney Orchestra
‘One Night Stand’
Rose Room
Palace Hotel
San Francisco
AFRS Re-broadcast
7 Jan 1948
Drifting and Dreaming (theme) + Cheek to Cheek
Orrin Tucker Orchestra
‘One Night Stand’
Cocoanut Grove
Wiltshire Centre
Los Angeles
AFRS Re-broadcast
Pretending + Hold My Hand + Theme
Griff Williams Orchestra
Empire Room
Palmer House
WGN Chicago
5 Mar 1947
Set 5
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Love, Nuts and Noodles
Phil Harris Orchestra (voc) Jack Smith
‘Cocoanut Grove’
Radio Transcription
Los Angeles
I’d Rather Lead A Band + Farewell Blues + Theme
Bob Crosby Orchestra (voc) Bob Crosby and The Four Freshman
‘Ford V-8 Revue’
Radio Transcription
Arabian Lover
Duke Ellington Orchestra
Comm Rec
New York City
3 May 1929
These Foolish Things
Count Basie Nonet
7 Sep 1954
Set 6
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Levee Blues
Jimmy Dorsey’s Dorseyland Band (voc) Charlie Teagarden
Radio Transcription
Till The End of Time
Woody Herman Orchestra (voc) Frances Wayne
‘Woody Herman Show’
1 Dec 1946
Horace Heidt and his Musical Knights
‘Trianon Time’
Trianon Ballroom
Southgate Ca
I’ve Got Five Dollars (theme) + Ooh! That Kiss!
Freddy Rich Orchestra
‘Friendly Five Footnotes’
Radio Transcription
You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It
Harry James Orchestra
Trianon Ballroom
Southgate Ca
Dec 1945
Section A + Theme
Raymond Scott Orchestra
‘Raymond Scott Show’
AFRS Re-broadcast
Set 7
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When My Dreamboat Comes Home
Jimmy Rushing (voc) Count Basie Orchestra
Savoy Ballroom
New York City
30 Jun 1937
The Glider
Artie Shaw Orchestra
‘Spotlight Bands’
Santa Barbara Ca
10 Oct 1945
Artistry in Rhythm (theme) + Eager Beaver
Stan Kenton Orchestra
Palladium Ballroom
28 Nov 1944
Savoy Blues
George Lewis
‘Dixieland Jamboree’
WDSU ABC New Orleans
7 Oct 1950
Get Out Of Town
Leah Matthews (voc) Woody Herman’s Third Herd
‘All-Star Parade of Bands’
Peony Park
Helen O’Connell and Bob Eberle (voc) Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra
Benny Goodman

Night and Day – Very Serious Live Concert Performance

Jazz is very serious and difficult. When it kicked off in the brothels of New Orleans, everyone had to listen carefully and critique, or else they’d be forcefully ejected from the bordello. Today, the Jazz Police continue a century old tradition of making jazz inaccessible. Fortunately, on the day this low-life jazz trio and singer were recording their ‘selfie-musicale’, the Jazz Police were patrolling a nearby empty concert hall where grant recipients and worthy jazz school graduates were carefully trudging through a stunning original in 11/16 and 22/8. The Jazz Society Improvised Collective Association Workshop Co-Op Newsletter write-up of their efforts was praiseworthy.

Night and Day – Cole Porter (1932) Singer – Greg Poppleton,
Guitar – Grahame Conlon, Double Bass – Dave Clayton, Drums – Bob Gillespie

Greg Poppleton makes 1920s-30s Pop.

Band Website:

Great Gatsby Bash

Well, Old Sport, on Sunday August 19 it was time to party like it was 1925…

It was Great Gatsby party time with Australia’s only authentic 1920s-30s singer, Greg Poppleton, his Jazz Deco band, the All About Swing dancers and more.

Greg Poppleton 1920s Jazz Deco Quartet

In the Jazz Deco band were:
Greg Poppleton – authentic 1920s singer
Geoff Power – trumpet and sousaphone
Grahame Conlon – guitar and banjo
Adam Barnard – drums and washboard

greg poppleton 1920s great gatsby jazz trio based in Sydney
Photo credit: Karen Bayliss

Held in an exclusive mansion, Beyond Cinema, hosted a screening party featuring Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 film of the 1920s F Scott Fitzgerald novel, The Great Gatsby. Before arrival, all 800 attendees were assigned a character for the evening with a dress code to suit.

Great Gatsby party with Greg Poppleton

Aden and Carly-Anne from Beyond Cinema know how to throw a bash, with secret rooms and gardens to explore along with dancers, jazz and fireworks to get you into the Jazz Age action.

There was a selection of dining packages in different rooms of the mansion, with Greg Poppleton entertaining in Jay Gatsby’s own massive dining room. And there was four hours of unlimited booze and not a drunk in the joint.

Greg Poppleton singers view of Great Gatsby party

In the grand banquet hall, Greg Poppleton sang three songs from his forthcoming album which will be on Bandcamp late in 2018. Greg began by racing through the crowd looking for his ‘Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue’.

greg poppleton 1920s singer at great gatsby party

Then came the blues plaintive, Sugar. Here’s Greg snapped singing Sugar to Lesley downloaded from her Facebook review of the night.

Shortly after this a clapping circle formed around Greg while he was Singing in the Bathtub, certainly not all alone.

Greg Poppleton singing Sugar in Gatsby's Banquet Room

Enquire about having Greg Poppleton at your place: Contact