Demolition Reveals 1911 Garage Wall Ad, King Street Newtown

This Tuesday’s and Saturday’s Phantom Dancer features Spotlight Bands’ ‘Band of the Week’ for 31 January 1942. It’s Sammy Kaye, over the Blue Network

His best-selling record that got him the ‘Band of the Week’ gig? A ditty entitled ‘Remember Pearl Harbour’

Turns out NBC interrupted a Sammy Kaye program to break the news of Pearl Harbour being bombed, 7 December 1941. Hence the message song. And like all message songs, well – you be the judge

See the full play list for this week’s Phantom Dancer after these exciting pics

That’s right, photos. Instead of a Video of the Week, I’m posting some exciting archeological photos I took for you just a few hours ago.

There was a fire near me recently. A dry cleaners burnt to the ground. The building has been demolished. And behind a demolished wall a well-preserved painted advertisement has been revealed

I guessed by the artwork and fonts that the ad was from 1911. A quick look at the Sands Directory tells me I’m about right. The Sands Directory was an annual listing of everyone who lived in Sydney with their addresses and occupations. The last Sands was published in 1932

In 1910, according to Sands, the site of the demolished dry cleaners was the Newtown Carriage Works — Arthur Dunn, proprietor. In 1911, it became H. Phippen’s motor garage. He was a motor engineer. By 1912, Phippen had left and Arthur Dunn’s Coachbuilding business had returned. Or, perhaps, between 1911 – 1914, the site was shared between the coach building and garage businesses – new technology piggybacking on the old. By 1915 the site was occupied by an upholsterer

Because of a locked wire gate I couldn’t get a full shot of this huge, vibrant ad from the street. So below is a series of shots covering the entire wall I took from the footpath. In this first photo, note ‘Cars for Hire’ and ‘Waratah Motor Spirit’. What would have been the demand for Car hire in 1911? Was H. Phippen ahead of his time? Did low demand beat his business? It’s not listed in the Sands Directory for 1912

1911 Garage Wall Ad - King St, Newtown
1911 Garage Wall Ad - King St, Newtown

Waratah Motor Spirit appears to have still been around in 1925 when you could buy it from twelve outlets around Sydney, according to an ad in the Sydney Morning Herald dated 28 Jan 1925. As you can see in the bottom of the wall ad, Waratah, was a product of the Neptune Oil Company. Neptune Oil began in Australia in 1905. A motoring website says Neptune’s Waratah brand was introduced in 1917. This ad proves the motoring historian wrong. The site became an upholsterers in 1915. An upholsterer wouldn’t be putting up an all-weather sign visible to passing motorists for Motor Spirit

Perdriau Tyres Sign - is this the earlist extant?
Perdriau Tyres Sign - is this the earliest extant?

Perdriau Tyres? Henry Perdriau entered the rubber importing business in Sydney in 1888. His Perdriau Rubber Co. Ltd. started manufacturing rubber parts in 1904 and finally merged with Dunlop in 1929 to form Dunlop Perdriau Rubber Co. Ltd. Could this be the earliest Perdriau wall sign extant? A Perdriau glass lantern slide ad from 1924 – 29 exists in the ANU Digital Collection in Canberra

Detail of the Waratah Motor Spirit sign
Detail of the Waratah Motor Spirit sign

It’s hard to see in the photo below, but on site I could just make out the phone number L1905. L stood for 5 and was the area prefix for Newtown and surrounding Inner West Sydney suburbs. Sydney phone numbers used one and two letter prefixes until the mid-1960s. The code was: A = 1, B = 2, F = 3, J = 4, L = 5, M = 6, U = 7, W = 8, X = 9, Y = 0

Garage and Phone Number L1905
Garage and Phone Number L1905

Some more pics. The sign-writing is of an extremely high standard. The Waratah is a beautiful piece of commercial art. The amount of effort involved in sign writing such a huge space by hand is quite extraordinary, especially if they used, as my grandfather did about the same time as a house painter, individually mixed paints. My grandfather would crush blocks of pigment with a mortar & pestle and mix the powder with linseed oil and I guess some kind of fixer. I particularly like the blue used in the top band of the sign. It’s a colour you don’t see now. The uneven durability of hand-made paint is revealed in the preservation of the different colours. The green lettering for the phone number and the red fill for the Waratah are the most deteriorated

Having been protected by the sun and weather for almost a hundred years by a brick wall, this is a most amazingly intact piece of commercial pre-WWI art

A new building will be erected on the site. Will the sign survive another 100 years? After the photos you’ll see the play list for this week’s Phantom Dancer on 2SER

Here’s this week’s Phantom Dancer play list. Enjoy the show on your radio!

Play List – The Phantom Dancer
107.3 2SER-FM Sydney

Tuesday 29 November 2011
12 noon – 1:30pm (+11 hours GMT)

Live stream on

Saturday 3 December 2011
12 noon – 1:30pm (+11 hours GMT)

Live stream on

The Wireless
Lobby Lud
Set 1
Theme (I’ll See You In My Dreams) + Got The Sun In The Morning
Leighton Noble Orchestra (voc) Helen Lynn
‘One Night Stand’
Starlight Roof
Waldorf Astoria Hotel

AFRS Re-broadcast
21 Jun 1946

Moonlight Serenade (theme) + At Sundown

Glenn Miller Orchestra
Glen Island Casino
New Rochelle
Oct 1939

Intro + Careless Hands

Frank Siantra and the hit Paraders (voc) Axel Stordahl Orchestra

‘Your Hit Parade’
20 Apr 1949

What Will I Tell My Heart? + Blue Skies (Close)

Jo Stafford (voc) Victor Young Orchestra
‘Your Melody Hour’
5 Aug 1951
Set 2
Maramao, Perche Sei Morto?
Maria Jottini & Trio Lescano with Orchestra
Comes Love
Paul Whiteman Orchestra
‘Chesterfield Show’
9 Aug 1939
Birmingham Special + Theme
Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra
‘GI Jive’
AFRS Hollywood
Blue Skies + Close
Bob Chester
‘One Night Stand’
Panther Room
Hotel Sherman
AFRS Re-broadcast
8 Oct 1944
Set 3

Open + Elmers Tune + Let’s Have Another Cup Of Coffee + Remember Pearl Harbour + Close
Sammy Kaye Orchestra (voc) Band & The 3 Kaydettes
‘Spotlight Bands’
Blue Network
Washington DC
21 Feb 1942
Set 4

Blue Room Jump
Count Basie Orchestra
Blue Room
Hotel Lincoln
May 1944
Honeysuckle Rose
Harry James Orchestra (g) Allen Reuss
Palladium Ballroon
1-2-3-4 Jump
Woody Herman Orchestra
‘Woody Herman Show’
27 Sep 1944
Flying Home
Benny Goodman Quintet
AFRS Hollywood
Set 5

Eine Insel Aus Traeumen Geboren
Hans Rehmstedt Orchestra (voc) Rudi Schuricke
Comm Rec
Dec 1938
Les Brown Orchestra (voc) Billy Eckstine
Radio Transcription
Sep 1949
Ain’t Got Nothin’ But The Blues
Lena Horne (voc) Fletcher Henderson Orchestra
AFRS Hollywood
To Each His Own
Claude Thornhill Orchestra
Steel Pier
Atlantic City NJ
24 Aug 1956
Set 6
Ben Webster Quintet
C Jam Blues
Duke Ellington Orchestra
‘Date With The Duke’
Paradise Theatre
ABC Detroit
19 May 1945
Buddy Rich Quartet
7 Nov 1958

Victoria Room-Bakelite Jazz September 28

Very excited! Just got the pics from the most recent appearance by Greg Poppleton & Bakelite Jazz at the swank Victoria Room, Level 1, 235 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst


Sunday night is Carnival Night in the Victoria Room – music, acrobats, magicians and burlesque – all from 7 – 10pm

“What is this magical place?” I hear you ask. Well, I’ll quote from their website for you: “The Victoria Room restaurant and bar in Sydney’s Darlinghurst is an ultra smooth dining establishment. Richly decorated in British-Raj style, this exotic dining room and award-winning cocktail bar exude bon-vivant chic.”

Now see for yourself. Check out the band pics at te Victoria Room by Rick Monk

Greg Poppleton and Bakelite Jazz played two sets for Carnival diners. First, as a duo, with Greg crooning the songs of the 1920s and 1930s backed by Grahame Conlon on guitar…


Then, later in the evening, Stan Valacos, joined in on double bass,


And just like the band’s July appearance in the Victoria Room – it was full house. That doesn’t mean crowded and uncomfortable, either. In the Victoria Room, a full house is buzzy and alive. It’s that kind of space. You feel good

You can feel good and have Greg Poppleton and Bakelite Jazz at your place, too. Or have us at your wedding, corporate function, Great Gatsby and Underbelly Razor party. You can have the band as small as a duo and as big as a sextet – and everything in between. We can even play without electricity! Simply call or email me (Greg) at the band’s official website to discuss your requirements

We look forward to enhancing the magic of your evening soon


1920s Party – Carrington Hotel, Katoomba

Greg Poppleton, Sydney’s only authentic 1920s and 1930s hot jazz and swing singer, with a 3.5 octave vocal range, recently sang at a 1920s party held in the Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, with his 1920s & 1930s band, Bakelite Jazz

Greg Poppleton & Bakelite Jazz play for weddings, corporate events, clubs and parties. Here’s a clip taken with a teeny-weeny camera of Greg & Bakelite Jazz singing Makin’ Whoopee for charlestoning dancers…

We pride ourselves on posting fly-on-the -wall, pocket camera films of the band playing live so you know exactly how Greg Poppleton & Bakelite Jazz will look and sound when you book the band for your occasion or for when you come to see us

In fact, we’ll be performing next at the Art Gallery of NSW for Art & About 2011, Friday 23 September, 7 – 7:30pm with lots of burlesque and other acts

The Carrington Hotel is a magnificent 1880s Hotel in the heart of Katoomba and the Blue Mountains, with Ballroom, Grand Dining Room, Cocktail Lounge and the Billiards Room, in which we played, with it’s art noveau stained glass windows, lounges and a 100 year old billiards table. Here are some pictures snapped by a party-goer towards the end of the night…

Greg Poppleton sings at 1920s Party, Carrington Hotel, Katoomba
Greg Poppleton sings at 1920s Party, Carrington Hotel, Katoomba
Greg Popopleton & Bakelite Jazz at the Carrington Hotel, Katoomba
Greg Poppleton singing in front of the 1927 vintage drums played by Joel Davis with Ray Alldridge, piano and Darcy Wright, double bass

Do visit the band’s official website: Bakelite Jazz to see more pictures and videos from other 1920s and 1930s theme parties and events. We look forward to playing for you at your wedding, corporate function, party or at a public event! 

Bakelite Dance Band Review – Castle Lounge, Penrith. Saturday 20 Nov 2010

Caption: Exactly Like You. Guffaws and groove aside, this reviewer asks, if this is swing, where are the dancing girls?

PS: – The CD Greg is taking about in the video clip that will make a lovely coaster for your coffee table is the band’s Phantom Dancer CD: 14 songs from 1926 – 1939. Only 5 are left at CD Baby for only $US 12.97 + Postage. Get yours now while they’re still available

Band Review by Tony Deff, Jazz Critic, Penrith Bugle

“When the Bugle’s editor-in-chief told me to cover the action at Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band’s show in the Castle Lounge last Saturday afternoon, he added, “And use a lot of superlatives. These boys need a break. The bass player has played for Tony Bennett. For crying out loud, that’s a suit outlet!”

Well I thought at the time that superlatives meant extra strong laxatives. Turns out I didn’t need them…

On entering the Castle Lounge I was instantly struck by the show’s stage designer, the flamboyant Coco de Lamé

“Sorry,” she apologised afterwards. “From behind you look just like that bitch of an agent, Noah. He hasn’t paid me in months.”

Lamo, as she is affectionately known, went on to explain her stage concept to me for the band.

“It’s all about irony, darling.,” she purred. “The curtains along the back wall suggest inevitability. The plain wall down one side, domesticity. The toilet door in the background refers to the music.” (See video below)

At that I hastily excused myself

The bandleader gave the downbeat, 1,2,3,4,5 and the dance floor filled with dancers

As a learned music critic, I make the following notes about the band…

1. Grahame Conlon, guitar. The guitar Grahame plays has 6 strings. Each string makes a different sound. Played in combination, Grahame is able to create a palette of sounds that follow the melody. Sometimes in the middle of a tune he makes up his own melody. This is called improvisalisation

2. Darcy Wright, double bass. I don’t know how he does it. Playing the guitar must be hard enough. Granted, the bass has two fewer strings. But on the bass the strings go up and down instead of side by side. A totally new direction in jazz. Crazy, man.

3. Bob Gillespie, drums. Bob had a lot of drums in his kit. I noted that the bigger the drum, the deeper the boom. The cymbals (pronounced symbols, I’m reliably told) make a metallic ting. The only suggestion this set of ears has is that there should be a square drum placed slightly to the right of the drummer and up a bit. The square drum would fill the round hole I sensed percussionistically.

4. Greg Poppleton, singer. Do singers have to sing? This jazz critic for one says a big fat NO. What’s wrong with skiddily-diddily bed-ee bop? Now that’s jazz. As for presentation, his dress wasn’t short enough. In fact he was wearing a suit!

Band manager and agent Noah Problemo, whose roster of real stars include the Koala Suit Stompers, Hot Harmonica Hepcats and Vegemite on Toast – The Musical, (where I occasionally cameo as ‘Ol’ Crusty’), was surprisingly upbeat about the band, “Some laughs, some songs, (I winced). But too many people on the dance floor – not enough bums on seats.”

“Do you mean like in a soup kitchen,” this jazz reviewer parried wittily.

Noah stopped a passing drunk. “Go tell the band to stop that noise for a minute. I’m trying to talk to the man from the Bugle!”

“So how would you put Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band in a nutshell?” I grilled the legendary agent.

“I don’t like putting bands in nutshells,” Noah huffed. “Jazz critics are always asking me to put bands in nutshells. It’s impossible!” His eyes brightened. “Unless, of course, I get the set designer to build me a big nutshell on stage to put the band in for the 8 January show. But how do I get Lamo to do all that for nothing?” Noah laughed as the obvious came to him. “I’ll tell her it’ll be great for her portfolio.”

At that, the band stumbled back on stage for their seventh set and I had to race back to the toilets – to write this review, of course

So what do I think of the band? Well, in a nutshell, this inky-fingered hack gives Greg Poppleton and his Bakelite Dance Band two fingers”

Wedding Photos-Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters

Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters recently played in the perfect venue for our 1920s & 30s Hot Jazz & Swing – the Ballroom of the Carrington Hotel, Katoomba

We were playing for Caitlin & Stirling’s wedding – who had the most beautiful, warm reception in this classic Victorian hotel. Even the weather conspired to be mountains perfect, with an unusually thick fog for mid-Spring adding to the romance

As a band, we have always played at wonderful weddings, and here are some photos to prove it, taken by Janine Kaye, and passed onto me with Caitlin and Stirling’s generous permission

You can click on all the photos below to enlarge them…

Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band, 1920s & 1930s jazz & swing music for your wedding, corporate function or party. Featuring Greg Poppleton, Sydney's only 1920s & 1930s singer.
Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters. In photo (l-r) Peter Locke (p) Greg Poppleton (voc) Bob Barnard (tp)

Caitlin & Stirling chose the 5-piece version of Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters

This band features Sydney’s only authentic 1920s & 1930s-style swing singer, trumpet, piano, double bass and drums

Greg Poppleton, Sydney's only 1920s & 1930s style singer with megaphone
Greg Poppleton singing a song from the 1920s through a red megaphone with Bob Barnard (tp) & Dieter Vogt (double bass)

Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters can be hired as a vocal-instrumental duo to a 6-piece band from the band’s official website

The band draws on Sydney’s finest and most experienced swing and jazz musicians, all of whom have performed around the world

As the singer, I’m the only band member who has not toured the world, though my image has been worldwide on radio, TV and films including Moulin Rouge and Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

For Stirling and Caitlin’s wedding, the Bakelite Dance Band trumpeter was Bob Barnard

Bob Barnard - trumpet with Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters at the Carrington, Katoomba
Bob Barnard - trumpet with Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite dance band at the Carrington, Katoomba

Bob Barnard is one of the most highly regarded jazz musicians ever to come from Australia. Barnard grew up in a musical family in Melbourne and started on cornet with a local brass band when he was twelve. His first professional job was with his mother’s band at fourteen. Introduced to jazz by his father, Bob was a founding member of brother Len’s South City Stompers in 1948. He moved to Sydney permanently in June 1962, as a member of the Graeme Bell All Stars, and remained with them until mid-1967. Bob formed his own jazz band in 1974, touring throughout Australia, Asia, Europe, and the US. The band held long residencies at some of Sydney’s popular hotels. Bob is a regularly featured guest at festivals and concerts in the US, Britain, and Europe, and has recorded with top American, European and English jazzmen

On piano with the Bakelite Broadcasters is Peter Locke

Peter Locke at the piano with Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band
Peter Locke at the piano with Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band

Peter Locke started playing piano at 10 in his hometown of Port Macquarie and turned professional at 21. He is self-taught and is Sydney’s most in-demand classic Swing & Jazz pianist. Peter also plays in the band led by internationally renowned Australian trumpeter Bob Barnard (who also plays trumpet in Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters). Peter has toured the US twice, playing at the Bix Beidebecke Jazz Festival in Davenport Iowa and in many mid-west towns as well as Chicago and San Francisco

Dieter Vogt played double bass with Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters at Stirling & Caitlin’s wedding

Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band with Dieter Vogt, double bass
Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters with Dieter Vogt, double bass

Dieter Vogt has played double bass all over the world. Dieter was born in Basel, Switzerland, and began his musical career at the age of 12 playing the trumpet. At 17 he took up the double bass and played with the Oscar Klein Quartet. (Oscar Klein played with Lionel Hampton & Joe Zawinul.) He migrated to Sydney and became a foundation member of the Daly-Wilson Big Band. Dieter went to the USA, playing for a year with the Allan Pennay Trio. On his return he joined Winnifred Attwell for eight months touring Australia. Dieter toured China and South East Asia with the Nolan-Buddle Quartet. He also toured with Ricky May and Georgie Fame, and again toured Australia with British jazz stars, Humphrey Lyttleton and Alex Welsh in their Salute to Satchmo. Dieter toured with Graeme Bell’s All-Stars around Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Germany, China, Hong Kong, the Phillipines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Japan

And finally, on drums at the Carrington was Laurie Bennett

Laurie Bennett, drums, Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters
Laurie Bennett, drums, Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band

Laurie Bennett comes from a musical Sydney family. He has played in the bands of Don Burrows, Johnny Nicol and Judy Bailey to name a few. He was a long time member of Geoff Harvey’s TCN Channel 9 Midday Show Band. Laurie has played on many tours throughout Asia, New Zealand, Great BritainEurope and has performed throughout Australia. He has backed many international Jazz artists such as Richie Cole, The Toshiko Akyoshi Orchestra, Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis, Buddy Tate, Eddie ‘Lockjaw Davis, Joe Newman and has played for many local and international cabaret performers including Buddy Greco, Harry Secombe and Liza Minnelli

So that’s the star-studded biography of the musicians in Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters who played at Stirling & Caitlin’s wedding. And now, here’s a Janine Kaye photo of the stars of the evening, Stirling & Caitlin:

Caitlin & Stirling - the bride & groom
Caitlin & Stirling - the bride & groom

And we’d love to play for your reception. We even have a small acoustic band with Greg singing through his red 1929 megaphone that’s popular at garden ceremonies. To find out more including how to book the band, visit the official website of Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters:

Thank you for reading. And we hope you enjoyed the photos by Janine Kaye

Mozart Flogs Mozart on TV

Here’s a TV commercial I did recently that is now on TV for a short time here in Australia

For those of you outside of Australia, Telstra is the largest local telecommunications company

I play sober Mozart. Best of all, for me, was that I was allowed to do a little hand twirl to bring attention to the product. I felt like a TV game show model revealing the big prize. A dream fulfilled, I kid you not. These iconic signs from popular culture tickle me. I’ve been a talking tooth in a 1990s ad for TV in Fiji. Alas, and indeed thankfully, I’ll never be a dancing cigarette packet

Next month I’l be on the silver screen when Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader is released. See you at the flickers…

Expo at the Establishment, Sat 21 Aug 2010

Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band play for the exciting Establishment Wedding Expo, Saturday 21 August 2010, 12noon – 4pm

The trio will be in their most glamorous wedding finery for a showcase with a difference.

On 21st August, brides-to-be are invited to meet Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band and over 30 suppliers to see how your own wedding could look at the breathtakingly beautiful Establishment, 252 George St (near Bridge St) in the City

Sip champagne and sample delicacies created by Establishment executive chefs from 12pm-4pm.

Hear Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band in trio mode with Greg singing populra jazz & swing from the 1920s & 30s, Grahame Conlon (ex James Morrison, Billy Fields & more) on guitar and Darcy Wright (ex Tony Bennett, Sarah Vaughan on their Australian tours) double bass

Greg Poppleton is Sydney’s only authentic 1920s & 30s-style swing & jazz singer. To hear him is to be carried back to the days of art deco style and glamour

The Bakelite Dance Band of world-touring swing & jazz musicians are available for your wedding (and engagement, corporate event and private party) in sizes from trio to 6-piece band

Come on say hello. Get a free band DVD featuring the latest Band Talkie and a slideshow of Greg & the band taken by photographers at events across Sydney

Mention ‘Daily Addict’ during registration at Establishment and receive a bottle of Domaine Chandon compliments of The Establishment. First-come first-served. RSVP now.

1920s & 30s Fun at the Museum of Sydney

Thank you to all the wonderful people who turned up at the Museum of Sydney on Sunday to see the truncated Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band with Greg singing the songs of the 1920s & 30s (some of them through a megaphone), Grahame Conlon on guitar & Darcy Wright on double bass.

The band’s first set concentrated on some obscure songs from the Great Depression including ‘I’m in the Market for You”, the hillbilly, “I Don’t Want Your Millions, Mister” and a song most people think came from the 50s, “16 Tons”.

The second Bakelite set, which closed the day of festivities at the museum, was music for dancing, and the band and the Swingtime Dancers drew a large and enthusiastic crowd. Oh, and we sold so many copies of our CD, The Phantom Dancer, that there’s now only 32 left. 5 of them are for sale on-line at CD Baby: So be quick if you want to grab one because I won’t be reprinting them

Please visit the band’s official website at


PS: Though I took my camera along I couldn’t take a photo of the band or the dancers (no cameras allowed in the museum). So here’s a Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band pic from the archives…

Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band at The Basement
Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band at The Basement (l-r) Bob Barnard (tp) Paul Furniss (sax/cl) Joel Davis (d) Greg Poppleton (voc & megaphone) Dieter Vogt (db) Peter Locke (p - out of shot)

Greg Poppleton sings at Museum of Sydney, Sunday 20 June 2010

Greg Poppleton’s Bakelite Trio play 2 free concerts, Forecourt, Museum of Sydney, Bridge St, Sydney, this Sunday 20 June 2010

Concert 1: 11 – 11:40am
Concert 2: 3:20 – 4pm

Playing pop from the 1920s & 30s, the Trio includes:
Greg Poppleton – vocals & megaphone
Grahame Conlon – guitar
Darcy Wright – double bass

Come and see the Skint! Making do in the Great Depression exhibition and discover what life was like in Australia in the 1920s and 30s. Highlights include music from the era performed by Greg Poppleton Bakelite Dance Trio, folk and bush verse performer Warren Fahey AM, swing dance lessons, a vintage car display, kids‘ craft activities, talks and a display of interwar fashion by the Cavalcade of Fashion

Event will take place on the Museum of Sydney Forecourt. Cavalcade of Fashion talk and Skint!: making do in the Great Depression exhibition require paid entry into the Museum of Sydney.

Museum of Sydney
Sunday 20 June
11.00am — 4.00pm

Bridge St & Phillip St, Sydney

The 4-piece Band filmed at Penrith, Saturday 1 May 2010

Here’s the latest film of Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Dance Band

We perform Sweet Sue. The film was taken in the Castle Lounge of Penrith RSL

Your friendly Radio Lounge proprietor, Greg Poppleton is singing

On guitar is Grahame Conlon who has been in Billy Fields’ Band, James Morrison’s Band and Ernie Sigley’s TV Band

Darcy Wright on double bass was listed by Rolling Stone as one of the world’s top 10 double bass players. He’s backed Tony Bennett, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington and many others on their visits to Australia

Bob Gillespie is the drummer. He deputised as drummer from time to time with the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra which you can see a clip of a few posts back in this blog, as well as being drummer in one of the post post-Glenn Miller bands and musical director for Lovelace Watkins

There’s a lot of history in the Bakelite Dance Band. It’s unique in Sydney and a good band to dance to. That’s why we’re also asked to play for corporate events, weddings, private parties and historic occasions such as the 75th Anniversary Celebrations for the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the 60th Anniversary Party for Film Australia, the 100th Anniversary Gala for the McDonald Performing Art School (nothing to do with Ronald), the 101st Gala of the Universities and Schools Club and the relaunch of the historic Art Deco Rose Bay Promenade

Now, here’s the clip. Enjoy!