Cabaret of 1920s – 30s Songs

An hour cabaret of 1920s – 1930s songs by Greg Poppleton (1920s-30s-style singer) and Grahame Conlon (banjo / guitar)

No microphone (the suspension mic is a prop) and no audio sweetening. The sound is Zoom via an inbuilt laptop mic. We’re sitting on a lounge so this could also be called Lounge Music.

Every year since 2006 we’ve played an annual concert in the historic Bondi Pavilion next to iconic Bondi Beach. This year the concert was online because of Covid and restoration work at the Pavilion.

Greg’s authenticity in 1920s – 30s singing comes from a lifetime of listening. He also trained in bel canto singing with Steve Ostrow of Continental Baths fame. Steve discovered Bette Midler and relaunched the career of Peter Allen. Cab Calloway, Margaret Whiting and Josephine Baker sang in his club.

Greg sings in an Australian accent, including when he sings in German, Spanish and Italian. He sometimes sings while eating a banana. The Jazz Police called during the show.

Songs in this spontaneous, energetic cabaret include The Charleston, Yes We Have No Bananas and Carolina in the Morning.

Bookings & Music Website:

Greg has put out 8 albums. His new album, released in July 2020, is ‘Tin Pan Alley Vol. 2’.
Read Dave J Doyle’s review of ‘Tin Pan Alley Vol. 2’ in the online US magazine, ‘The Syncopated Times’:

Greg Poppleton review - The syncopated Times

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Greg Poppleton 1920s 1930s song album

Facebook Live Concert – Greg Poppleton 1920s Songs – 12 August 2020

Facebook Live, Wednesday 12 August, 1:30pm – 2:30pm AEST (8:30 – 9:30 pm PDT). I’ll serenade you live on Facebook Live with 1920s – 30s songs backed by Grahame Conlon on guitar and banjo

Facebook live Wed 12 August, Greg Poppleton sings 1920s-30s songs

For 15 years, I’ve been singing the songs of the 1920s – 1930s at a yearly concert held at Bondi Pavilion, right on iconic Bondi Beach.

This year, with the historic Pavilion being renovated and with social distancing due to Covid, the annual concert is being beamed on Facebook Live.

Over the years at Bondi, a number of audience requests have been added into the band’s song lists. These include You Are My Sunshine, Road to Gundagai and Falling in Love Again.

All these songs are now available to download. Visit the shop

You Are My Sunshine is from the latest album, Tin Pan Alley Vol 2, now on Apple Music and Spotify…


Another favourite 1920s song audiences ask for at a Greg Poppleton concert is Carolina in the Morning which is the final track of the new album Tin Pan Alley Vol. 2. Here’s the video.

I hope you can join me on Wednesday 12 August when I’ll sing the songs of the 1920s – 1930s and chat about the songs, too.

Two New Videos – Carolina in the Morning and La Paloma (sung in German)

Carolina in the Morning and La Paloma are two great songs. Greg Poppleton, 1920s – 1930s-style singer and bandleader, has released a new album of songs, Tin Pan Alley Vol. 2. Enjoy these two videos, Carolina in the Morning and La Paloma, from the album…

His back catalogue of 7 albums has been played on commercial and college radio and has 1.3 million YouTube views.

Tin Pan Alley Vol. 2 is the second in a 3 album set of 1920s-30s songs by Greg Poppleton. Greg appears in the movies Moulin Rouge! and Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Download songs at

Tin Pan Alley Vol. 2 Song List – songs in English, German & Spanish

1. San Antonio Rose 2’11
2. La Paloma (sung in German) 3’35
3. Corrine Corrina 2’03
4. Amapola (sung in Spanish & English) 3’16
5. St Louis Blues 5’34
6. Sweet Sue 2’20
7. You Are My Sunshine 3’34
8. Sugar 3’18
9. Carolina in the Morning 3’44

Download songs at

La Paloma Video

La Paloma is from my new swingy, jazzy album with songs in English, German and Spanish (all in Australian accent) called Tin Pan Alley Vol. 2 – out this 2 July on,
And four of my favourite tracks will be on BANDCAMP

All the songs on the album were popular in the 1920s – 30s, and continue to be especially in Jazz and Latin circles. That’s the era of songs I specialise singing in.

Here’s the video (sung in German), with clips of me and the band playing at gigs all around…

I hope you enjoy La Paloma and will add it to your play lists. Downloads at SPOTIFY,  APPLE, and four of my favourite tracks are on BANDCAMP

Thank you,

The Jazz Banana

The JAZZ BANANA is overlooked by writers on the music despite it requiring advanced vocal technique and it being tastier than vocalese. This is the alt. take of ‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love’ (1928) for 1920s-30s Wednesdays Damon & I did last week. A different improvisiation by Damon Poppleton in the 2nd chorus. I think you’ll agree that jazz banana adds a mellow fruitiness to the 3rd. Bring out your vege!

I Can’t Give You Anything But Love with Banana, recorded Wednesday, 29 April 2020, music by Jimmy McHugh, lyrics by Dorothy Fields (1928).

More music at

This week’s Phantom Dancer swing jazz mix has Harry ‘The Hipster’ Gibson playing Bix Beidebecke piano pieces as feature artist. Tune in now.

The Charleston: 1920s-30s Wednesdays

The Charleston. Though recorded last Wednesday, 22 April 2020, I’ve been caught out with a busy audition schedule.

Now I can happily post this – your second in the series of 1920s-30s Wednesdays – The Charleston, composed by J.C. Johnson in 1923.

While we’re self-isolating, my son, Damon, and I, will serenade you with a 1920s-30s song every Wednesday.

This Wednesday, 29 April, it’s Amapola.

Do you have any 1920s-30s songs you’d like to hear on future 1920s-30s Wednesdays? Feel free to contact us

This week’s Phantom Dancer swing jazz mix has Harry Reser as feature artist. Tune in.

Backyard Birthday Party 1920s-30s Band

“My thanks to the band. They were superb. They made the event wonderful,” Jan, Backyard 1920s-30s theme Birthday Party, 1 Feb 2020.

Thank you, Jan!

We love playing birthdays. Being asked to play for a birthday to relive a great backyard birthday party we played at ten years before is a huge honour. It speaks volumes about Greg Poppleton’s 1920s-30s music.

It was a hot, hot day, but the cool trees in the backyard where the band played and a slight breeze made for a pleasant afternoon.

Guests talked and mingled under shady trees and a under marquee as the band entertained with songs from the 1920s – 1930s. The Greg Poppleton band: authentic 1920s-30s vocals, trumpet doubling sousaphone, banjo, and clarinet doubling bass saxophone played under a small marquess to protect the instruments from direct sun.

Greg also went into the party with his megaphone to sing personally to all the guests. This always gets a great reaction.
Some of the songs Greg sang included ‘the Charleston’, ‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love’, ‘El Mansiero’ and ‘Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt’ which was the theme song of Marlene Dietrich.

Greg Poppleton 1920s-30s Jazz Quartet group shot. L-r: Grahame Conlon, guitar, Greg Poppleton 1920s-30s vocals, Richelle Booth clarinet and bass sax, Geoff Power sousaphone and trumpet.
Greg Poppleton 1920s-30s Jazz Quartet group shot. L-r: Grahame Conlon, guitar, Greg Poppleton 1920s-30s vocals, Richelle Booth clarinet and bass sax, Geoff Power sousaphone and trumpet.

Tony Jex from OzManagement Entertainment provided the balanced sound and always at a reduced rate for the Greg Poppleton 1920s-30s band.

Greg Poppleton, Australia's only authentic 1920s - 30s singer at his vintage replica 1920s suspension mic.
Greg Poppleton, Australia’s only authentic 1920s – 30s singer at his vintage replica 1920s suspension mic.

To book Greg for your 1920s-30s themed event, birthday or wedding, contact Tony Jex | |  0407 941 263

Sydney Festival 2020 – ‘The Rivoli’ – Greg Poppleton and Dance Makers Collective

Sydney Festival 2020, Dance Makers Collective present the world premiere of ‘The Rivoli‘ in the beautiful, late Victorian Granville Town Hall with Greg Poppleton’s 1920s -30s Sydney Festival trio, Grahame Conlon guitar and banjo with Cazzbo Johns on sousaphone.

Come to the show: 8pm, Tues 22 Jan – Sat 25 January 2020. Granville Town Hall. TICKETS

Greg Poppleton 1920s - 1930s swing jazz trio: vocals, banjo, sousaphone
Greg Poppleton 1920s – 1930s swing jazz trio: Greg Poppleton vocals, Grahame Conlon guitar and banjo, Cazzbo Johns sousaphone

‘The Rivoli’ is a celebration of social life before social media, when to meet was to talk, laugh and move to music together.

From the early 1930s to the late 1960s, the Rivoli Dance Palace on Church St, Parramatta was Western Sydney’s favourite dance hall. It was demolished in 1973 to make way for an office development. Now nothing remains of ‘The Riv’ except the stories of the people who danced there.

Dancers rehearsing a routine with band instruments in background
Dancers rehearsing a routine with band instruments in background

Dance Makers Collective brings those stories to life in a tribute to the rituals of social dance and the human drive toward belonging and togetherness.

Staged in the heritage-listed Granville Town Hall, The Rivoli invites you and your favourite dance partner to be swept into an immersive exploration of mid-century nightlife, desire and social connection.

The show includes performances by the Greg Poppleton Trio: Greg Poppleton (vocals) Cazzbo Johns (sousaphone) Grahame Conlon (guitar and banjo)

Dance Makers at rehearsal
Dance Makers at rehearsal for ‘The Rivoli’ in Granville Town Hall with the band instruments in the background


Sydney Festival is a major arts festival in Australia’s largest city, Sydney that runs for three weeks every January, since it was established in 1977. The festival program features in excess of 100 events from local and international artists and includes contemporary and classical music, dance, circus, drama, visual arts and artist talks. The festival attracts approximately 500,000 people to its large-scale free outdoor events and 150,000 to its ticketed events, and contributes more than A$55 million to the economy of New South Wales.

The Festival has a history of presenting Australian premieres and many of Australia’s most memorable productions such as Cloudstreet have resulted from Sydney Festival’s commitment to nurture local artists. It has brought many of the world’s great artists to Sydney for the first time including: Ariane Mnouchkine and Thèâtre du Soleil (Flood Drummers), Robert Wilson (The Black Rider), Robert Lepage (Far Side of the Moon, The Andersen Project, Lipsynch), George Piper Dances, Netherlands Dance Theatre, James Thiérrée (Junebug Symphony, Au Revoir Parapluie), Philip Glass, Ian McKellen (Dance of Death), Batsheva Dance Company, National Theatre of Scotland (Black Watch, Aalst), Christopher Wheeldon Company, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Al Green, Katona Jozsef Theatre, Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, The National, Sufjan Stevens and Joanna Newsom.

Come to the show: 8pm, Tues 22 Jan – Sat 25 January 2020. Granville Town Hall. TICKETS