Jazzy Birthday Party – Greg Poppleton Quartet

Two snaps of Greg Poppleton with his 1920s quartet.

We were playing at the birthday party of a famous artist, for whom we’ve had the great pleasure of playing before.

The party was in a house. It was a thrill to see so many guests on the dance floor.

Noise restrictions meant that the music volume had to be capped at 80 dB while playing to 160 guests in a reverberant space.

We pride ourselves at always playing at a volume where people can talk easily. Keeping to the restrictions while still being dynamic, musical and entertaining was easy and fun.

Greg Poppleton while singing Irving Berlin's 1927 song, Blue Skies.
Greg Poppleton while singing Irving Berlin’s 1927 song, Blue Skies.
Greg Poppleton 1920s band: Geoff Power sousaphone and cornet, Grahame Conlon guitar and banjo, Glenn Henrich alto sax, baritone sax and clarinet.

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New Years Eve Party with Greg Poppleton and Sydney Fireworks

Great Gatsby New Years Eve Cocktail Party
MON, DEC 31, 2018 7:00 PM
Bring in the New Year 1920s style with drinking, dancing and live music on Sydney Harbour.
Greg Poppleton’s 1920s Quartet entertains 9 – 11pm
Greg Poppleton New Years Eve 1920s party
Guests will enjoy a 4 hour Great Gatsby themed beverage and canapé package with live music while you dance and indulge the night away with stunning views of the harbour. $190pp
Bookings essential.
Fireworks packages for Barangaroo Reserve to be made available to guests.
Menu by Justin Wise, former head chef at Melbourne’s famous Press Club.

Singing at Sydney Town Hall

The band and I were invited to perform for the second year as the main act at the Sydney Lord Mayor’s Christmas Party in Sydney Town Hall.

I sung swing and jazz from the 1920s – 30s in English, German, Italian and Spanish. We played swing, boogie, jazz and for the dancers – waltzes, rhumbas, tangos, son, cha-chas (which isn’t a 20s-30s dance I know), quicksteps, two-steps and foxtrots.

Got to sing La Paloma in German to a lady who became teary with the memories of her father the song brought back to her. (That song is already recorded for the next album to be released in March 2019.)

Here is a selfie in front of the dance floor with happy dancers.

Greg Poppleton 1920s 1930s singer and band

Clover Moore is Sydney’s first elected female Lord Mayor and has been re-elected three times.

Under Moore’s leadership, the city of Sydney is aiming to reduce carbon emissions 70 per cent by 2030. It has installed bicycle lanes; upgraded its car fleet to hybrids; planted 10,000 trees; provided 600 on-street car-share spaces; installed Sydney’s largest building-based solar photovoltaic system; installed water harvesting in 11 major parks and voted to install two new trigeneration plants.

Sydney Town Hall early 1930s

Here’s another selfie with Geoff Power on sousaphone doubling cornet and Adam Barnard on washboard and snare.

Greg Poppleton 1920s jazz singer

The Greg Poppleton 1920s – 1930s Quartet – Grahame Conlon guitar and banjo, Geoff Power trumpet and sousaphone, Adam Barnard washboard and snare, Paul Furniss clarinet and alto saxophone.

Greg Poppleton 1920s jazz band

Greg Poppleton band website: https://www.gregpoppletonmusic.com

Professional Alumni Event Sparks With 1920s Trio

The Greg Poppleton jazz deco 1920s trio were hired to entertain with real Great Gatsby music for a 1920s-themed professional gathering at Sydney’s Arthouse Hotel.

Authentic 1920s singer, world-toured guitar, banjo and sousaphone, excellent sound, and interesting people made this professional networking event spark.

“The band were fantastic. They reaĺly made the night a success.”
Anne Lyell, The Chiropractic Alumni

Greg Poppleton authentic 1920s singer and Cazzbo sousaphone

As members of the profession networked, Greg Poppleton, authentic 1920s singer accompanied by Grahame Conlon banjo and guitar, and Cazzbo Johns sousaphone, played their authentic 1920s repertoire with entertaining style and at background level.


Greg Poppleton 1920s singer at Chiropractic alumni event

When guests wanted to dance, we happily obliged with The Charleston, a tango or a slow foxtrot.

Sound was supplied with the band by OzManagement.

Greg Poppleton 1920s Trio

Tony Jex, at OzManagement, is the band’s booker. When you book Greg Poppleton, Tony can also supply you, at your request, sound, lights and staging in a one-stop shop A/V deal.

It saves you time and money.

And it guarantees you perfect sound and ambience every time.

Have Australia’s only authentic 1920s – 1930s singer Greg Poppleton and his band to Orchestra at your event.

We can add swing dancers, dance lessons, sound, lights and staging. Tell us your requirements in the message section of the contact page.

Greg Poppleton, authentic 1920s singer based in Sydney

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Thank you Aron Downie from Macquarie University for the photos and for permission to use them.

Great Gatsby Bash

Well, Old Sport, on Sunday August 19 it was time to party like it was 1925…

It was Great Gatsby party time with Australia’s only authentic 1920s-30s singer, Greg Poppleton, his Jazz Deco band, the All About Swing dancers and more.

Greg Poppleton 1920s Jazz Deco Quartet

In the Jazz Deco band were:
Greg Poppleton – authentic 1920s singer
Geoff Power – trumpet and sousaphone
Grahame Conlon – guitar and banjo
Adam Barnard – drums and washboard

greg poppleton 1920s great gatsby jazz trio based in Sydney
Photo credit: Karen Bayliss

Held in an exclusive mansion, Beyond Cinema, hosted a screening party featuring Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 film of the 1920s F Scott Fitzgerald novel, The Great Gatsby. Before arrival, all 800 attendees were assigned a character for the evening with a dress code to suit.

Great Gatsby party with Greg Poppleton

Aden and Carly-Anne from Beyond Cinema know how to throw a bash, with secret rooms and gardens to explore along with dancers, jazz and fireworks to get you into the Jazz Age action.

There was a selection of dining packages in different rooms of the mansion, with Greg Poppleton entertaining in Jay Gatsby’s own massive dining room. And there was four hours of unlimited booze and not a drunk in the joint.

Greg Poppleton singers view of Great Gatsby party

In the grand banquet hall, Greg Poppleton sang three songs from his forthcoming album which will be on Bandcamp late in 2018. Greg began by racing through the crowd looking for his ‘Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue’.

greg poppleton 1920s singer at great gatsby party

Then came the blues plaintive, Sugar. Here’s Greg snapped singing Sugar to Lesley downloaded from her Facebook review of the night.

Shortly after this a clapping circle formed around Greg while he was Singing in the Bathtub, certainly not all alone.

Greg Poppleton singing Sugar in Gatsby's Banquet Room

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Santo Grasso Jazz Photos

Last Sunday, I took my 1920s – 1930s Jazz Deco band to Sydney Rowing Club, overlooking the Parramatta River to play an afternoon of music, fun and dancing.

And there was lots of dancing and lots of fun. It’s an inspiration to play to dancers. It’s a joy to play to such a warm and appreciative audience.


At Sydney Rowers the gig before, in April, someone took this film of the Jazz Deco band and I, then through a third party, generously sent it on to me to share with you…

What a wonderful surprise then, just before downbeat on the first set, to see my favourite photographer, Santo Grasso. He’d come along to take photos of the band.

Now he’s generously sharing them with us here.

Please check out Santo’s wonderfully evocative photos of Sydney on his instagram page. Start following him! https://www.instagram.com/explore__sydney/

Swing dancing to Greg Poppleton
Swing dancing to Greg Poppleton


Greg Poppleton - authentic 1920s - 1930s singer
Greg Poppleton – authentic 1920s – 1930s singer


Greg Poppleton and his Jazz Deco Band - Damon Poppleton alto sax - Grahame Conlon guitar and banjo - Thomas Wade double bass - Adam Barnard drums and washboard
Greg Poppleton and his Jazz Deco Band – Damon Poppleton alto sax – Grahame Conlon guitar and banjo – Thomas Wade double bass – Adam Barnard drums and washboard


Damon Poppleton alto sax
Damon Poppleton alto sax


Grahame Conlon guitar doubling banjo
Grahame Conlon guitar doubling banjo


Thomas Wade double bass
Thomas Wade double bass


Greg Poppleton singing through the red 1920s megaphone
Greg Poppleton singing through the red 1920s megaphone


Adam Barnard washboard and percussion
Adam Barnard washboard and percussion


Dancing to the Greg Poppleton 1920s - 30s band at Sydney Rowers - a photo I took from behind the microphone
Dancing to the Greg Poppleton 1920s – 30s band at Sydney Rowers – a photo I took from behind the microphone

Where can you see us next?

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Speakeasy House Party

The Greg Poppleton 1920s-1930s Trio played for a speakeasy themed house party. We went down so well we were handsomely tipped at the end by the generous host.

There was such an array of creative, talented, fun-loving people at the party who danced to Greg Poppleton 1920s-30s vocals with Grahame Conlon banjo and guitar and Geoff Power sousaphone and trumpet.

Dancing to Greg Poppleton's 1920s - 1930s jazz at a house party
Dancing to Greg Poppleton’s 1920s – 1930s jazz at a house party

We set up in a corner of the lounge room, loading in and setting up very carefully so as not to knock anything in the house.

We used a small PA for the vocal mic and banjo. The guitar was played through a small amp. The trumpet and sousaphone did not need to be mic’d at all.

And I supplied intermission music including 1930 radio broadcasts by the Philco Orchestra and 1933 Cocoanut Grove broadcasts by the Phil Harris Orchestra.

Greg Poppleton, authentic jazz deco singer with trumpet
Greg Poppleton, authentic jazz deco singer with trumpet

The overall effect was a balanced 1920s-30s sound that was not loud. Guests could talk easily where the band played. Some were even sitting on couches right next to me as I sang. That’s how the photo above was taken.

Dancing the Charleston to Greg Poppleton's swing at a house party
Dancing the Charleston to Greg Poppleton’s swing at a house party

And as always I sang personally to every guest who wanted to engage (which was everyone). No-one felt left out.

I had a bad case of (non-contagious) laryngitis, so my singing was sounding somewhere between Tom Waits and Rochester from the ‘Jack Benny Show’. I wish had recorded some of it. The show must go on!

A blur of action with Geoff Power sousaphone and Grahame Conlon banjo in the Greg Poppleton 1920s Trio
A blur of action with Geoff Power sousaphone and Grahame Conlon banjo in the Greg Poppleton 1920s Trio

Some of the guests sang, too. ‘Dark Eyes’ and ‘Mission to Moscow’ were sung with much love by a duet of friends in Russian. An international opera tenor did a beautiful version of ‘Autumn Leaves’. And a former back-up singer for punk bands joined me on ‘Lili Marleen’.

Grahame Conlon with his jazz guitar playing the 1936 hit 'The Way You Look Tonight' in Greg Poppleton's trio
Grahame Conlon with his jazz guitar playing the 1936 hit ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ in Greg Poppleton’s trio

Book the 1920s – 1930s trio for your house party through OzManagement- www.gregpoppletonmusic.com/contact

Greg Poppleton 1940s VE Day GI Dance

Greg Poppleton, Australia’s only authentic 1920s – 30s singer and his Jazz Deco trio had the honour of playing for dancers at Elizabeth Bay House for the exclusive 2012 VE Day GI Dance.

Greg sang the songs popular in the early 1940s in his naturally true-to-the-era dance band singer style.

Some say his voice reminds them of Al Bowlly. Others say Ray Eberle.

And his small band is definitely 1940s Sydney when the majority of bands playing for dancers through the suburbs were trios to sextets. (Check out Greg Poppleton’s ABC Radio National documentary about Sydney’s 1942-45 Booker T Washington Club for U.S African-American service personnel. The band that played there was mainly a quartet.)

This fantastic evening celebrated the GI Dances held across Sydney in grand houses like Elizabeth Bay House during the Second World War.

Greg Poppleton Trio at the 2012 VE Day GI Dance
Greg Poppleton Trio at the VE Day GI Dance

Over a hundred guests filled the historic mansion dressed in 1940s style, many in authentic 1940s uniforms.

They danced to Greg Poppleton playing A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, White Cliffs Of Dover, I’ve Heard That Song Before and many other pop songs of the early 1940s.

At the end of the night, the band lead the guests in singing We’ll Meet Again, Vera Lynn’s post-WWII hit Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart.

Guests calling for an encore spontaneously sang out two choruses of Bless Them All as a gloriously emotional end to the dancing!

Guests dressed in 1940s style dancing to Greg Poppleton
Guests dressed in 1940s style dancing to Greg Poppleton

Guests were also treated at the dance to period 1940s cuisine, swing dance classes, 1940s makeovers, live drawing classes, the very funny ‘1940s paperboy’ MC with prizes for the best-dressed

All guests were gloriously dressed in vintage style, with many in authentic clothes and uniforms from the era, as you can see in the photos.

Greg Poppleton is Australia’s only 1920s – 1930s style singer with duo to 6-piece band. He can also offer a 1920s Great Gatsby Orchestra and 1930s-40s Swing Orchestra playing Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman.

Contact Greg through Tony Jex at OzManagement.

Greg Poppleton, dancers and festive VE Day bunting
Greg Poppleton, dancers and festive VE Day bunting


Greg Poppleton played 1940s pop songs that had everyone dancing
Greg Poppleton played 1940s pop songs that had everyone dancing


Guests sang along with the band on the last two songs
Guests sang along with the band on the last two songs


Greg Poppleton filled the dance floor
Greg Poppleton filled the dance floor

Greg Poppleton bookings and enquiries

We Met Micro-Nation Royalty – The Prince of Wy!

The Greg Poppleton 1920s – 30s trio has never for a moment ever dreamt we’d one day meet royalty!

To set the scene, we were playing outside a church converted into an art gallery/community centre. The event was a Christmas party for local artists and volunteers…

It was something of a windy summer afternoon, as you might tell from my windswept locks. Jim Elliott on the bass saxophone had to keep a tight hold on his woodwind so it wouldn’t go crashing to the ground.

Chuck Morgan played guitar to make up the Greg Poppleton vocals, guitar, bass 1920s trio.

We played in the shadow of the church, now Art Gallery, spire.

What were those poles in the background of the band photos? Here’s a better view, and their story…

The 24 poles were created by artist Warren Keen for the Bungaree’s Farm exhibition (2012). The poles are carved with dendroglyphs of Aboriginal design as used in NSW to signify burial and initiation sites. More info here.

Now to royalty.

One of the artists who came up to say hello to me and the band said my blue, striped, double-breasted suit reminded him of Duke Ellington.

That’s not quite the royalty bit.

The artist had painted Duke Ellington’s portrait, while Duke Ellington was touring Australia with his Orchestra in 1970. Duke Ellington tour news clippings.

That artist’s name is Paul Delprat.

Paul Delprat, pictured above in a snap I took (with his permission) while we were talking, is principal of the Julian Ashton School of Art – Australia’s oldest continuous art school. Paul is a distinguished painter and illustrator. His art hangs in the National Gallery of Australia and in collections around the world. He has also founded scholarships at the Julian Ashton School of Art.

Paul comes from a long line of famous and distinguished Australian artists, including Howard Ashton, Julian Howard Ashton and Julian Ashton CBE.

One of his great grandfathers, Guillaume Daniel Delprat CBE, was a developer of the froth flotation process for separating minerals (something I’m personally familiar with, separating and concentrating copper, zinc and lead ores as a young engineer at Cobar Mines in 1980).


Paul leads a micro-nation. His ‘The Principality of Wy‘ seceeded from Australia due to a council dispute that Paul has now creatively turned long-term art project.

We’d met Royalty!!!

For a royal time at your soiree, BOOK GREG POPPLETON, authentic 1920s-1930s singer and band, now.

You’re Really Kickin’ – December Newsletter

What’s Happening?

Free Show Sydney Rowing Club 3 Dec
Free Xmas Show Fairfield Museum 9 Dec
Private Event 11 Dec
Radio Show 107.3 2SER 5,12,19, 26 Dec

“You’re Really Kickin’,” says Norma in New York. Listen…

We’re at Sydney Rowing Club!
3-6pm, 3 December

Greg PoppletonAustralia’s only authentic 1920s-1930s singer with over 1.1 Million YouTube views, and his swinging jazz band, are back at Sydney Rowing Club, 3pm 3 Dec, for their fun & energetic show. Don’t miss out! FREE!

Sydney Rowing Club, 613 Great North Road, Abbotsford, 3-6pm, Sunday 3 December.

Restaurant, Bistro, bar, river views. Tons of free parking. Right on Abbotsford Ferry wharf and at the terminus for the 438 City-Abbotsford bus.

We’ll Sing You Jazzy Christmas Carols
Fairfield Museum
6-8pm, 9 December

What a lovely way to spend an early evening! Greg and the 1920s – 1930s band will be a-carolling and playing the songs of the 1920s-30s at Fairfield Museum’s annual evening of holiday festivities! And it’s FREE!

This is Greg’s third Christmas at Fairfield. It’s always a warm, family friendly, community-spirited get-together.

Bring your picnic rugs, snacks and festive outfits for this annual family event, held in the open under shady trees in the Museum’s ‘Old Sydney Town’ style central square.

There’ll be kids’ activities, stalls and performances by,
– Greg Poppleton (jazz and Xmas carols),
– Shae Mowen School of Dance,
– The Choir of Love,
– Spanish Speaking Community Choir
– Karen Children’s & Adult’s Choir
– William Stimson Public School, Wetherill Park

Address: Corner The Horsley Drive & Oxford Street, Smithfield.
(634 The Horsley Drive). Heaps of free street parking.

Private Event 11 December

It’s a thrill to be asked back this year to play for one of our favourite clients. We have had an association with this client for six years.

November saw Greg Poppleton play for a Wedding (see photo above), the Sydney Bus Museum ‘Deckers in the Night‘ event and the Sydney Town Hall Christmas Concert.

As an example of what we do, please read Greg’s article about the wedding, and find out how Greg Poppleton and the band can add real 1920s – 1930s charm to your event.
Book Greg for your event

Pot of Gold Radio Show

Did you know? Greg Poppleton is Australia’s longest running swing DJ. A 23rd radio station has just signed to pick up Greg Poppleton’s Phantom Dancer radio show each week – 89.1FM Cairns. Greg publishes his play lists, videos and expert articles on jazz and swing every week on his blog, Greg Poppleton’s Radio Lounge.

Read Greg’s latest 3 Dec play list and expert Swing Era article about big band leader Horace Heidt, his Pot of Gold radio show, his link to Louis Farrakhan, his Trianon Ballroom and his Los Angeles School for Stammerers.

The Pick of November Band Photos

Sydney Town Hall

The Greg Poppleton band got the joint jumping in the Lower Sydney Town Hall Ballroom. A packed dance floor swung to the music of the 1920s and 1930s…

See article »

Deckers in the Night

Greg Poppleton provided the hi-octane musical atmosphere with a selection of bouncy 1920s – 30s tunes. Entertaining, energetic and engaging, Greg and the band…

See article »

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Contact Tony Jex, directly at OzManagement for all performance enquiries, private events and functions: info@ozmanagement.com