The Lounge Bar Lotharios – BMLOT Awards 3 August 2012

Looking for something to do this sunny Sunday afternoon? Catch Sydney’s 1920s Great Gatsby Dance Orchestra, The Lounge Bar Lotharios, 2:15 – 3pm at the Moocooboola Festival, Hunters Hill

Just last Friday, The Lotharios entertained at the annual BMLOT Awards in the iconic Carrington Hotel, Katoomba. BMLOT stands for Blue Mountains, Lithgow, Oberon Tourism and the 2012 Awards is one of the biggest nights in the Greater Blue Mountains social calendar

The Lotharios played for BMLOT at their annual Winter Ball at The Fairmont Resort last May

It’s exciting to hear all about the great things the Blue Mountains has to offer local and overseas tourists. The Mountains are abuzz with creativity and the spirit of diversity and entrepreneurship thrives there

Singer Greg Poppleton returns to the Carrington, in their Grand Dining Room, Friday 23 February, with his 5-piece Greg Poppleton and his Bakelite Broadcasters for dining, dancing and Charlestoning at the Carrington’s Roaring 20s Ball

Today, you can see Roaring 20s Lounge Bar Lotharios FREE at the Moocooboola Festival, Boronia Park, Hunters Hill, 2:15 – 3pm. We look forward to seeing you!

Here’s a photo of the Lotharios at the BMLOT awards. If you’d like Sydney’s 1920s Great Gatsby Orchestra to add WOW to you occasion, please contact Tony

The Lounge Bar Lotharios, 2012 BMLOT Awards, Carrington Hotel, Katoomba
The Lounge Bar Lotharios, 2012 BMLOT Awards, Carrington Hotel, Katoomba. Singer, Greg Poppleton. Musical Director, Geoff Power

Bakelite Broadcasters 1930s Trio At The Powerhouse Museum

Enjoy some brief clips of the Greg Poppleton Bakelite Broadcasters Trio – two excerpts from a concert of 1930s songs at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

I’ve posted this clip for those of you interested in making a booking, and who have asked to see the 1930s Trio live

The clips are brief because the buzz from the camera is very loud. The songs are These Foolish Things and I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter. Tomorrow I shall film the 1920s Bakelite Trio for you – 1920s Vocals, Banjo and Clarinet/Alto Saxophone. Enjoy! Greg

Bing, Bob, Martin & Lewis Raise Money For The 1952 US Olympic Team

Salutations Phantom Dancers,

Another humdinger of a show for you this week. Vincent Price introduces calypso pioneers Lord Invader & Lord Beginner, Bob Hope introduces Bing Crosby & The Andrew Sisters. Plus more 1940s Australian swing by George Trevare, Billy Cotton from London & Angelini from Rome

An Olympic Video Of The Week: Bing Crosby, Bob Hope (who gets very angry at the beginning – look at his face when he hits Jerry Lewis), Dean Martin, the aforementioned Jerry Lewis & John Scott Trotter’s Orchestra raising money to send the US team to the 1952 Helsinki Games

Play List – The Phantom Dancer
107.3 2SER-FM Sydney
, Live Stream, Digital Radio

Community Radio Network Show #8

2SER Tuesday 17 July 2012
12 noon – 1:30pm (+10 hours GMT)

2SER Saturday 21 July 2012
6 – 7:30pm (+10 hours GMT)

Set 1
Aspetto Di Diretto
Angelini e sua Orchestra (voc) Duo Fasano
Comm Rec
Open + Babe
Elmer Fain Orchestra
AFRS Hollywood
The New York Subway & Shake Around
Lord Invader & Lord Beginner
‘The World In Music’
AFRS Hollywood
Film Noir Close Theme
‘The FBI In Peace And War’
AFRTS Re-broadcast
Set 2
Open + Baby & Me
Louis Prima Orchestra
Hickory House NY
Washington DC
22 Sep 1939
Moon Over Miami
Chevrolet Orchestra
‘Melody Moments’
Radio Transcription
New York
We’re Working Our Way Through College
Rudy Vallee, Dorothy Lamour and Charlie McCarthy (voc) Robert Ambruster Orchestra
‘The Chase & Sanborn Hour’
3 Oct 1937
Buckin’ The Wind + Close
Ted Fio Rito Orchestra (voc) Jack Howard & The Three Blue Keys
‘Cocoanut Grove’
Radio Transcription
Los Angeles
Set 3

Where Or When
Buddy Clark (voc)
May 1943
I’m Shooting High
Benny Goodman Orchestra (voc) Helen Ward

Joseph Urban Room
Congress Hotel
WMAQ NBC Red Chicago
20 Jan 1936

I’m Just Beginning To Care
Bob Crosby Orchestra

‘Ford V8 Revue’
Radio Transcription
New York

Don’t Fence Me In
Bing Crosby & The Andrew Sisters (voc)

‘Command Performance’
AFRS Hollywood

Set 4

Bunny Berrigan Orchestra
22 Oct 1936
Open + Birmingham Special
Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra
‘Spotlight Bands’
Columbus OH
19 Nov 1943
Open + Bensonality
Duke Ellington Orchestra
Blue Note
WMAQ NBC Chicago
20 Jul 1952
A Table In The Corner
Artie Shaw Orchestra (voc) Helen Forrest
Cafe Rouge
Hotel Pennsylvania
20 Oct 1939
Set 5

Something’s The Matter with Me
George Trevare Orchestra (voc) Johnny Fitzgerald
Comm Rec

St Louis Blues

Mildred Bailey (voc) Paul Baron Orchestra
‘Music Till Midnight’
Blues In The Night
Jimmy Lunceford Orchestra (voc) Trio
‘Spotlight Bands’
Jefferson Barracks
Blue Network
25 Nov 1945
I Get The Blues When It Rains
Les Paul Trio (voc) Peggy Lee
AFRS Hollywood
Set 6

Rhythm Mad
Billy Cotton Orchestra
Comm Rec
26 Mar 1935
Melancholy Lullaby (theme) + Old Man River
Benny Carter Orchestra
Trianon Ballroom
Southgate Ca
KECA Blue Network
Los Angeles

Lullaby Of Birdland (theme) + Old Man River

Lester Young Quintet
5 Sep 1956

1920s Great Gatsby Jazz Band At Concrete Blonde

Sunday July 1: Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Broadcasters played for Sunday Lunch at Concrete Blonde, Level 2, 33 Bayswater Road, Potts Point. Now, if you haven’t head of Concrete Blonde before, I want to tell you all about it a little later in this blog entry. Just to say now, if you’re in Sydney or visiting, it’s a must visit

But first, the Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Broadcasters’ show. Here’s a snippet…

Warren Fahey AM, social historian, author, record producer, broadcaster and singer said about yesterday’s  Concrete Blonde show by Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Broadcasters:

“Yesterday’s Jazz/Funk/Whatever Lunch at Concrete Blonde was another terrific day. Here’s Greg Poppleton and the Bakelite Broadcasters in action Greg sang all the top songs of the 1920s and 30s – many that I have grown up with. There were many happy faces in the audience and Greg’s interpretations, including dancing, swaying, staring and facial gymnastics made the music all the more interesting and amusing. They will be back!”

Concrete Blonde wrote on their Facebook page: “What a fantastic performance yesterday here! Love the bloke in the pinstripes and ……. phew, check out the size of that guy’s tuba”

Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Broadcasters at Concrete Blonde
Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Broadcasters at Concrete Blonde

Now a few words about this great restaurant itself…

Concrete Blonde is one of those rare restaurants where the space makes you feel good (expansive, even!) the minute you walk in. It has both an indoor and outdoor area and the connection between these two spaces is remarkably seamless. As a space, its designers have successfully combined a sense of occasion and gathering with intimacy and privacy. Remarkable! (As I’ve just done). Part of the occasion is being able to see your dinner cooked. The kitchen is along one side of the space. There’s also a friendly and extensive bar. And a cellar behind glass in the dining area itself. Car parking is in the building, which makes it easy in busy Kings Cross. But I don’t drive. So there’s the 324 and 325 bus at the front door and the 311 bus and Kings Cross train station just around the corner! Plus there’s live music by name bands in jazz, funk, gypsy, folk and more. Free! Sunday lunch and Wednesday nights. As Symphony Sid used to say in between Charlie Parker/Miles Davis sets on his all-night, all-frantic WMCA bop show from the Royal Roost nightclub, New York – ‘what more could you want?’

I’ll tell you what more – the food and the friendly staff take your experience to a whole new level

And the menu is special

For Sunday lunch, the band chose the Beef with Yorkshire Pudding and the Duck. There was also a vegetarian choice that was very, very tempting. I’ve never had Yorkshire Pudding before, but I will be having it again. And our Mancunian drummer, Bob Gillespie, formerly musical director for Lovelace Watkins and drummer with Maynard Ferguson’s English Orchestra, and whose family makes Yorkshire Puddings at home, was mightily impressed. The beef just melted in my mouth. And despite the servings being generous, with two big serving boats of tasty roast potatoes and broccoli and carrots arriving at our table, nothing was left on anyone’s plate. In short, the chef made a Sunday Roast exciting – and delicious. That’s real skill and passion for food

As for the restaurant space being an event in itself, making you feel good, and making you want to be there, I found this quote which goes some way in explaining why I felt so good the way I did the moment I walked through the doors: “Concrete Blonde is very excited and proud to announce that we have been short-listed (from over 600 entries) for the finals of the International Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. This is the only concept of its kind in the world and is dedicated exclusively to hospitality design. The Awards invites and receives entries from the world’s top architects, designers and hospitality operators. The judges recognise and reward entrants from all over the world for design excellence. The winners will be announced at an innovative ceremony at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London, 66 Portland Place on the 6th September 2012”

So Concrete Blonde is indeed a very special place. It’s warm and friendly. You’ll feel comfortable no matter what your restaurant background – whether you’re local or visiting, whether you’re a gourmand or someone like me on a very low income who only goes to a restaurant on very special occasions.  And if you are someone like me, well you can guess from the tone of this review, that I reckon Concrete Blonde is one exciting place that’ll take your special occasion to a whole new level and you’ll be happy to splash out with the hard-earns

Here’s their YouTube promo…

Antiques and Collectibles Magazine Greg Poppleton Feature

Thought I’d let you in on the big secret that Antiques & Collectibles Magazine have featured me in their ‘Final Word. 60 Seconds with…” interview page in their just released Winter 2012 Edition (Issue 45)

Antiques and Collectibles is a quarterly magazine published by Julie & Christine Carter in Coffs Harbour and available in newsagents across Australia. It’s great to read such a well-produced glossy, published not by the big multinationals, but by two dynamic sisters who are passionate about quality magazines and publishing. They also publish a bridal magazine:

As I say, Antiques and Collectible can be bought in newsagents across Australia. But if it isn’t in yours, or it’s sold out, you can email A and C at

Antiques & Collectibles Magazine
Antiques & Collectibles is a quarterly glossy much respected in the industry and published by the dynamic Julie & Christine Carter from Coffs Harnbour

In the interview I answer questions like “what was the first record I ever bought?”, “the best book I’ve read so far?” and the “worst thing about TV?”. The answers give some background to The Phantom Dancer Radio Show (Swing and Jazz from live 1920s-60s Radio & TV) and Greg Poppleton’s 1920s-1930s Band.

In the Winter 2012 Edition of Antiques and Collectibles you can read articles on…
– History of Australian Telly
– Olympic Posters
– Beauty Through The Ages
– WWI Trench Art
– 20th Century Pewter
– Hermes Handbags
– Alarm Clocks
and plenty more, including a fascinating ‘Ask The Experts’ page where readers send in photos of their interesting antiques and curios for a bit of history and valuation



The Lounge Bar Lotharios At The 2012 Winter Ball

Sydney’s newest, most exciting, authentic 1920s Dance Orchestra, The Lounge Bar Lotharios, played at the prestigious 2012 Winter Ball

Held in the newly revamped and reopened Fairmont Resort, Leura, the Orchestra played original 1920s arrangements for dancing. We can play for your 1920s event, too. Contact Tony

In the band were Greg Poppleton, Sydney’s only authentic 1920s singer, Geoff Power, first trumpet and musical director, Al Davey, trumpet, Ian Baker, trombone, Paul Furniss, Alan Solomon and Glenn Henrich, soprano, alto, tenor saxes and clarinet, Grahame Conlon, banjo, Peter Locke, piano, Rod Herbert, sousaphone, Adam Barnard, drums. Here are some photos…

The Lounge Bar Lotharios Winter Ball 2012
The Lounge Bar Lotharios Winter Ball 2012
Sydney's Newest 1920s Dance Orchestra
Sydney’s Newest 1920s Dance Orchestra
The Lounge Bar Lotharios Reeds and Horn Sections
The Lounge Bar Lotharios Reeds and Horn Sections

To book The Lounge Bar Lotharios for your 1920s Great Gatsby event, Contact Tony

Rainbow Over Newtown, Sydney, Australia

The brightest rainbow I have ever seen. It went from horizon to horizon and is still in the sky after 15 minutes as I write, Sunday afternoon, 20 May 2012

These photos from a small 10MP Kodak don’t do justice to the magnificence of this phenomenon. I was so glad to witness it and I wasn’t the only one out in the street taking snaps. Enjoy!

VE Day GI Dance With Greg Poppleton

Greg Poppleton, Australia’s only authentic 1920s – 30s singer and his Jazz Deco trio had the honour of playing for dancers at Elizabeth Bay House for the exclusive 2012 VE Day GI Dance.

Greg sang the songs popular in the early 1940s in his naturally true-to-the-era dance band singer style.

Some say his voice reminds them of Al Bowlly. Others say Ray Eberle.

And his small band is definitely 1940s Sydney when the majority of bands playing for dancers through the suburbs were trios to sextets. (Check out Greg Poppleton’s ABC Radio National documentary about Sydney’s 1942-45 Booker T Washington Club for U.S African-American service personnel. The band that played there was mainly a quartet.)

This fantastic evening celebrated the GI Dances held across Sydney in grand houses like Elizabeth Bay House during the Second World War.

Greg Poppleton Trio at the 2012 VE Day GI Dance
Greg Poppleton Trio at the 2012 VE Day GI Dance

Over a hundred guests filled the historic mansion dressed in 1940s style, many in authentic 1940s uniforms.

They danced to Greg Poppleton playing A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, White Cliffs Of Dover, I’ve Heard That Song Before and many other pop songs of the early 1940s.

At the end of the night, the band lead the guests in singing We’ll Meet Again, Vera Lynn’s post-WWII hit Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart.

Guests calling for an encore spontaneously sang out two choruses of Bless Them All as a gloriously emotional end to the dancing!

Guests dressed in 1940s style dancing the Greg Poppleton's Bakelite Broadcasters
Guests dressed in 1940s style dancing the Greg Poppleton’s Bakelite Broadcasters

Guests were also treated at the dance to period 1940s cuisine, swing dance classes, 1940s makeovers, live drawing classes, the very funny ‘1940s paperboy’ MC with prizes for the best-dressed

All guests were gloriously dressed in vintage style, with many in authentic clothes and uniforms from the era, as you can see in the photos.

Greg Poppleton is Australia’s only 1920s – 1930s style singer with duo to 6-piece band. He can also offer a 1920s Great Gatsby Orchestra and 1930s-40s Swing Orchestra playing Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman.

Contact Greg through Tony Jex at OzManagement.

Greg Poppleton, dancers and festive VE Day bunting
Greg Poppleton, dancers and festive VE Day bunting


Greg Poppleton played 1940s pop songs that had everyone dancing
Greg Poppleton played 1940s pop songs that had everyone dancing


Guests sang along with the band on the last two songs
Guests sang along with the band on the last two songs


Greg Poppleton's Bakelite Broadcasters Trio Are Three Musicians Who Filled The Dance Floor
Greg Poppleton filled the dance floor

Greg Poppleton bookings and enquiries

New 1920s Great Gatsby Dance Orchestra Launch

Saturday 28 April saw the successful launch of Sydney’s newest Great Gatsby 1920s Dance Orchestra – The Lounge Bar Lotharios…

The Lounge Bar Lotharios - Reeds & Brass Section
The Lounge Bar Lotharios - Reeds & Brass Section. Front row soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxes and clarinets l-r Paul furniss, Ron Nairn, Alan Solomon. Back row trumpets and trombone l-r Ben Gurton, Geoff Power (musical director) Al Davey

The Lounge Bar Lotharios feature Sydney’s Top 10 Vintage Jazz Musicians playing authentic 1920s dance band arrangements fronted by Sydney’s only authentic 1920s jazz singer, Greg Poppleton, under the musical direction of Geoff Power

Geoff Power is a world-renowned classic jazz trumpeter who has toured the US nine times, played jazz festivals and clubs in New York, Los Angeles and throughout the US, recorded a CD in New Jersey with leading NYC musicians including Vince Giordano, and played with many leading US musicians

Penrith RSL witnessed its biggest crowd ever for any jazz show. The room was full. The slow 1920s numbers filled the dance floor and the hot dance tunes had everyone’s toes a-tappin’

I hope you enjoy the photos of the 1920s Orchestra launch I’ve posted for you below. You can see more photos on The Lounge Bar Lotharios’ Facebook page: Please drop by. And while you’re there, Like us, too! Thank you

You can use the Facebook Page to book the Orchestra, as well:, simply by messaging me. Or get in touch via the Greg Poppleton & his Bakelite Broadcasters website. The Lounge Bar Lothario’s website will be up for you soon

Greg Poppleton, Sydney's only authentic 1920s singer with The Lounge Bar Lotharios
Greg Poppleton, Sydney's only authentic 1920s singer with The Lounge Bar Lotharios
Geoff Power, Trumpet and Musical Director
Geoff Power, Trumpet and Musical Director
Grahame Conlon on Banjo with Paul Furniss, Sax
Grahame Conlon on Banjo with Paul Furniss, Sax
Rod Herbert, Sousaphone with The Lounge Bar Lotharios 1920s Dance Orchestra
Rod Herbert, Sousaphone with The Lounge Bar Lotharios 1920s Dance Orchestra
Peter Locke, piano, The Lounge Bar Lotharios
Peter Locke, piano, The Lounge Bar Lotharios

The Lounge Bar Lotharios are available now for your wedding, corporate event big or small and your Great Gatsby Party

To book the band, simply contact Greg Poppleton, band leader, via The Lotharios’ Facebook Page: or via the Greg Poppleton and his Bakelite Broadcasters’ Website There’ll be a Lounge Bar Lotharios website for you to visit and enjoy very soon!