7 May Phantom Dancer – What is Trad Jazz, Dad?


This week’s feature artist on The Phantom Dancer, your non-stop mix of swing and jazz from live 1920s-60s radio by Greg Poppleton, is actually a feature style. The style is designated by a term a lot of its fans use without being too precise about its actual meaning. It’s Trad jazz, Dad.

See the full Phantom Dancer play list below.


This week’s Phantom Dancer will be online right after this 7 May 2SER live mix at 2ser.com.
Hear the show live every Tuesday 12:04-2pm on 107.3 2SER Sydney. See other stations and times in the play list below.


Trad Jazz is short for traditional jazz. It’s the Dixieland and ragtime jazz styles of the early 20th century which typically used a front line of trumpet, clarinet, and trombone.

red nichols


A Dixieland revival began in the United States on the West Coast in the late 1930s as a backlash to the Chicago style, which was close to swing. Lu Watters and the Yerba Buena Jazz Band, and trombonist Turk Murphy, adopted the repertoire of Joe “King” Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong and W. C. Handy: bands included banjo and tuba in the rhythm sections. A New Orleans-based traditional revival began with the later recordings of Jelly-Roll Morton and the rediscovery of Bunk Johnson in 1942, leading to the founding of Preservation Hall in the French Quarter during the 1960s.

Early King Oliver pieces exemplify this style of hot jazz; however, as individual performers began stepping to the front as soloists, a new form of music emerged. One of the ensemble players in King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band, Louis Armstrong, was by far the most influential of the soloists, creating, in his wake, a demand for this “new” style of jazz, in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Other influential stylists who are still revered in traditional jazz circles today include Sidney Bechet, Bix Beiderbecke, Wingy Manone and Muggsy Spanier. Many artists of the big band era, including Glenn Miller, Gene Krupa and Benny Goodman, had their beginnings in trad jazz.

On this week’s Phantom Dancer, you’ll hear Trad and Chicago style is Set 4 by the Bob Crosby Bobcats, Eddie Condon and Red Nichols direct from 1929 radio

The last hour is all vinyl.

eddie condon

Your Phantom Dancer Video of the Week this week is: Westend Blues featuring Bob Barnard on trumpet and Lawrie Thompson, drums. I mention these two particular musicians out of the band in this 1980s telecast because I have had the huge pleasure of them both playing in my own Greg Poppleton band.


Make sure you come back to this blog, Greg Poppleton’s Radio Lounge, every Tuesday, for the newest Phantom Dancer play list and Video of the Week!

Thank you.

Play List – The Phantom Dancer
107.3 2SER-FM Sydney, Live Stream, Digital Radio
Community Radio Network Show CRN #384

107.3 2SER
12:04pm Tuesday 7 May 2019
5pm Saturday 11 May 2019  (+10 hours GMT)
National Program:
Edge FM Bega Monday 3 – 4pm
7MID Oatlands Tuesday 8 – 9pm
2ARM Armidale Friday 12 – 1pm
3MGB Mallacoota Sunday 5 – 6am
ArtSoundFM Canberra Sunday 7 – 8pm
and early morning on 23 other stations.

Set 1
Big Bands on 1940s Radio
Theme + The Moon Is Low
Ray McKinley Orchestra
‘One Night Stand’
Century Room
Hotel Commodore
AFRS Re-broadcast
Jack Barrow Orchestra (voc) Dolores Crane
‘One Night Stand’
Aragon Ballroom
Ocean Park Ca
AFRS Re-broadcast
Jul 1945
I Can’t Get Started + Theme
Jack Jenney (tb) Frank DeVol Orchestra
’Music Depreciation Revue’
KHJ Mutual – Don Lees
Los Angeles
4 Feb 1945
Set 2
Smooth On 1950s Radio
Open + It’s A Good Day
Perry Como and the Ray Charles Singer (voc) Mitchell Ayres Orchestra
’Let’s Go To Town’
Radio Transcription
Champagne Music (theme) + Red Petticoats
Lawrence Welk Orchestra
Aragon Ballroom
Ocean Park Ca
Medley: How Deep Is The Ocean? + I’m In The Mood For Love + Avalon + Close
Sammy Kaye Orchestra
’One Night Stand’
Hotel Astor Roof NY
AFRS Re-broadcast
27 Aug 1945
Set 3
Dixie on 1920s-50s Radio
Muskrat Ramble
Bob Crosby Bobcats
’Bob Crosby Show’
Radio Transcription
Los Angeles
I Want To Be Happy
Eddie Condon
’Dr Jazz’
Eddie Condon’s
10 Dec 1951
Jazz Me Blues
Little Buster and the Corn Poppers (Red Nichols)
’Dickenson Program’
Radio Transcription
New York City
Nov 1929
Set 4
1930 Radio Jazz
Tin Ear
Bob Effros and The Philco Orchestra
’Philco Program’
Singing River
Boswell Sisters
Continental Broadcasting Corporation
Radio Transcription
I Don’t Need Atmosphere To Fall In Love With You + Close
Little Jack Little
’Little Jack Little Program’
Radio Transcription
New York City
Set 5
Doris Day on 1939-45 Radio
I’m Happy About The Whole Thing
Doris Day (voc) Barney Rapp and his New Englanders
NBC Cincinatti
17 Jun 1939
Blue Music
Doris Day (voc) Les Brown Orchestra
Peacock Room
Baker Hotel
CBS Dallas
9 Aug 1945
Long Ago and Far Away
Doris Day (voc) Les Brown Orchestra
Cafe Rouge
Hotel Pennsylvania
7 Jul 1944
I Wish I Knew
Doris Day (voc) Les Brown Orchestra
Palladium Ballroom
KNX CBS Hollywood
16 Aug 1945
Set 6
Fats Waller 23 Sep 1943 in Story and Song
Reefer Song
Fats Waller
Comm Rec
New York City
23 Sep 1943
Ain’t Misbehavin’ + There’s a Girl in my Life + Honeysuckle Rose
Fats Waller
’Personally, It’s Off The Record’
23 Sep 1943
Set 7
1934 Radio Jazz and Dance
Maniacs’ Ball
Glen Gary and the Casa Loma Orchestra
Radio Transcription
New York City
Intro + It Don’t Mean A Thing
Dorsey Brothers Orchestra
’Chrysler Program’
Radio Transcription
New York City
Song of the Vipers
Louis Armstrong
Comm Rec
Oct 1934
Swingy Little Thingy
Hal Kemp Orchestra
’Lavena Program’
Radio Transcription
New York City
Set 8
Bop on 1940s-50s Radio
A Night In Tunisia
Charlie Parker
‘Symphony Sid Show’
Royal Roost
12 Mar 1949
Now’s The Time
Howard McGee
Oct 1951
I’m Glad There’s You
Charlie Ventura (voc) Jackie Kain and Roy Kral
‘Symphony Sid Show’
Royal Roost

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